JolieMD Metamorphosis Skincare: Glowing Skin without Irritation

JolieMD Metamorphosis Skincare: Glowing Skin without Irritation

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I was given the opportunity to try JolieMD Metamorphosis.  I have been using the skincare line for the past six weeks.  JolieMD is the brainchild of Dr. Jason Litner and Dr. Peyman Solieman, renowned Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeons, and Creative Director Nadine Jolie of the world famous blog Nadine Jolie.  Nadine also is an accomplished author and former magazine beauty editor.

JolieMD Metamorphosis is a two part skincare system that contains a Softening Serum and Enlightening lotion.  You first apply the serum to cleanse and prepare your skin.  This serum gently exfoliates and removes blemishes while also prepping the skin for penetration of the Enlightening lotion’s pigment or blemish corrective ingredients.  The Enlightening lotion, is a pigment or blemish corrective solution that gently and over time fades and diminishes darks spots and wrinkles.   The products are to be used once daily and with sunscreen.

What do I think?

First I LOVE the packaging.  I have never seen packaging like it.  It is sleek and gorgeous! Hey I am a girl. I like nice packaging!

My experience with the product has been mostly positive.  The Softening Serum did sting my skin for a few weeks, and then my skin became accustomed to it and it did not bother me anymore.  However, the Enlightening lotion is phenemenol.  It is lightweight and very non-greasy.  This is important to me because I have very oily skin.  In addition, the Enlightening lotion gives your skin the most amazing glow.  The glow is better than a light sun-kissed tan. More importantly, this skincare system did not break me out.  I have extremely sensitive skin and I did not experience one blemish during the 6 week trial.  I was so worried about trying this product because I do tend to break out easily and because this product did not cause any flare-ups it is already a winner in my book.

Does it fade dark spots?  Now if you have read my blog, you know I struggle with hyperpigmentation.  I have it bad.  But I manage it with a host of products.  JolieMD Metamorphosis did lighten my dark spots, but did not fade them completely.  The only product I have ever tried that completely fades dark spots is Kojic Acid.  It is the truth!  However, JolieMD Metamorphosis did give me a healthy glow and more even skin tone.  I also noticed that JolieMD made my skin very very smooth.  It improved my skin’s texture by 100%. Seriously.  I am always struggling with blackheads and big pores, but my skin feels smooth as a baby’s.  I am sure that is the slow and daily exfoliation caused alpha-hydroxy acids in the Softening Serum.  Last week my niece touched my face and she said “Toicha, your skin is so smooth”. Boy that made me feel good!

Overall I really love this product! I am out of the Softening Serum but have a teeny bit of Enlightening lotion left.  I am definitely going to use JolieMD Metamorphosis as my skincare system of choice;  not because it totally got rid of my dark spots.   But because I have not had one pimple or black head since using the product and like I said my skin is so soft and smooth!  The two-part system retails for $96 dollars and I think it is absolutely worth it.  You can purchase it here.

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  1. Hey Sunshine, How are you? It seems like ages since we last chatted. I have been seeing this product around the blogesphere and I really want to give it a go.It seems lately my skin has been doing stunts and shows with breakouts-etc. Thanks so much for this honest review. I will definitly be adding this to my ever growing list of “must-haves”

  2. Great article thanks for such a nice review I will definitely buy it

  3. I hope you don’t mind me writing to provide you with an update on our beloved JolieMD Metamorphosis. In 2014, our doctors reformulated the product, making it even more effective in combatting wrinkles, blemishes and hyper-pigmentation. (It can all still be achieved in 2 simple steps!) Also, we’ve been able to reduce our prices drastically (to $67), due to increased production. We hope you’ll check us out!

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