Leopard Print

Leopard Print

Hello Hello Divas!

Long time no post! I do apologize, but I have been busy busy busy. But I am back now in full effect and over the next 5 days, you will receive tons of tips and advice fromn Luxetips! So, sit back and enjoy what is and what is to come!

I received a call from a good friend Hope regarding Leopard Print shoes. Her question was what type of outfit or ensemble goes great with leopard print shoes. And I had lots of good advice. Her goes…..

When wearing leopard print shoes neutral colors are the best. However, I have found that RED is the best color with leopard print shoes. I recommend wearing a pretty red dress with leopard print shoes. It is such a lovely complement to leopard print. In addition, black, brown or tan/beige are also great colors for leopard print shoes. If wearing jeans, I recommend a funky black or beige shirt. I would maybe wear a simple leopard print belt or carry a very small leopard print purse as a complement, but that is it. Too much leopard print becomes very Italian lady from Queens. lol! Otherwise, a neutral color bag is best. As far as jewelry, keep it simple and basic. Understated diamond, silver, or gold. If costume jewlery stay neutral.

Another question I was posed was “Is it appropriate to wear leopard print pumps with a professional suit?” And yes it is. As a matter of fact, I saw a friend, who is a true Diva, strutting down Peachtree Street in Atlanta with a black suit and leopard print pumps and she looked stunning! However, I would not wear them to a highly important business meeting especially if I was meeting with clients. I would keep a pair of professional conservative black pumps for that purpose, but around the office, ABSOLUTELY!

Lastly, whatever your budget, there are tons of brands that carry very cute leopard print shoes. Of course, Christian Louboutin, in my opinion have the absolute best pair. But at around $600 a pop, I can only dream girls. Otherwise, Stuart Weitzman, Steve Madden, Victoria Secret, Nine West, and Target all carry great leopard print pumps.

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