Light Travel: Travel light and still live the luxe life!

Light Travel: Travel light and still live the luxe life!

Hello Divas!

I hope your Memorial Day weekend was a blast! Considering that we are entering a busy travel season with summer vacation and the airlines are charging us on average $20 for each checked bag, I decided to write a post on how to pack light. I only carry one carry-on bag and my handbag. Use these luxe travel tips to avoid lost luggage, stress, fees, and drama.

1. Multiple use outfits. Instead of packing 5-10 outfits for a week vacation, pack 3-4 outfits that are interchangeable. For a week vacation my suitcase will contain: 1 pair of quality super hot jeans; a tunic that can double as a dress or a shirt; 1 pair of flowing slacks or shorts (depending on the weather); 3 blouses/shirts, and 1 hot dress. Now, I can create 3-4 outfits by pairing the jeans and slacks with the shirts. The tunic can serve as a dress and if I need another dress I have an extra. Now I have 6 outfits! Plus, if I am going on a beach vacation, I pack only two swimsuits: a bikini and a one piece.

2. Shoes. My general rule is to only pack two pair of shoes when traveling. So if it is summer, one pair of high heeled strappy sandals and a pair of flat sandals. I have the cutest jeweled gold flat sandals that I adore and they complement just about any outfit. Or if I am traveling in the winter, I pack one pair of boots, and one pair of pumps or flats. In addition, I always travel in comfortable shoes that serve as my third pair. Usually flats, flip flops, or cute sneakers are good choices.

3. Minimize beauty products and toiletries. Currently, all air travelers can only travel with liquids that are 3 oz or less. But regardless if you are traveling by air, car, or train, minimizing your beauty products saves a LOT of space in your suitcase. I pack travel size toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, and DOVE facial cleansing clothes. Love Dove! They clean but also moisturize! You can purchase these travel size items at any Target, Wal-Mart, or CVS for only 99 cents each. I also pack my favorite cleanser, toner, moisturizer, lotion or other liquid product in these neat containers. You can purchase these bottles at The Container Store for only $1.49! Can’t beat it! Lastly, place all toiletries and beauty products in a Zip Loc freezer bag. The airlines require it plus all of your items will be in one organized place.

4. Accessories. Accessories are essential items for ANY vacay! Pack necklaces, bangles, earrings, and rings in a jewelry portfolio. This Citta Jewelry Portfolio is perfect. It has compartments for all of your accessories and it folds into a neat wallet. My rule regarding accessories is to only take accessories that complement all of my outfits. And everything must fit into the portfolio. If not, I have to rethink which pieces are essential.

5. Make-up. Try not to bring your entire make-up collection when traveling. LOL! When traveling, I purposely use a small make-up bag that fits inside my purse. The make-up bag contains mascara, eye cream, foundation stick, two lip glosses, two eye shadows (light and dark), brushes, and the Multiple by Nars. (See my post below on Multi-functional make-up)

6. Miscellaneous essentials. I always pack a travel size umbrella, one pair of hose, one pair of socks, and a travel size emergency kit. This kit includes double-sided tape, needle, thread, safety pins, and bobby pins. I create this kit myself. I place the items in my emergency kit in an old jewelry pouch. Now the emergency kit can fit inside my purse.

7. Organize your suitcase. To create maximum space, I don’t fold my clothes, I roll them like a spa towel. This is a great technique for creating space. I place the bottoms on one side of the suitcase and the tops on the other side. I place the shoes in the middle. Lastly, I feel any gaps with swimsuits, lingerie, hose, socks, etc. I promise you it works like a charm every time.

Happy Travels!


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4 Responses to “Light Travel: Travel light and still live the luxe life!”

  1. Great post! I love the little jewelry organizers. I hate checking bags so these tips are super helpful.

  2. Love the tip on the container store. Came here through SYB, check out my blog if your’re in to the travel thing…

  3. I’m so with you on all of your points! Great feature — especially for those who looking to get the heck out of dodge and travel…

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