Lisa Hoffman: Day Cream with SPF 15

Lisa Hoffman: Day Cream with SPF 15

Hello Divas!

Brrrrrr! It is so cold in Atlanta! We totally skipped fall. But I am wearing my Uggs so I guess it is okay. lol! About two months ago, my dear blogging friend, Bionic Beauty, promoted an opportunity to receive a free full size sample of Lisa Hoffman’s Day Cream with SPF 15. I submitted my information for the free sample, and they contacted me and asked if I wanted to offer the same free full size sample to other friends. Well I did and I have been using it for 6 weeks now. Some friends and I were discussing the Day Cream two weeks ago and we all LOOOVE IT! Why is it so great? Well first you only have to use a small amount of the moisturizer to completely moisturize your face. Second, when you apply the cream, it instantly gives you a healthy glow. No kidding. I do not have to use foundation or bronzer. My face just glows! Lastly, the cream contains SPF 15 which is the minimum amount of SPF you need to protect your face from the sun. And you know what, it does not smell like sunscreen or feel heavy and greasy like most moisturizers that contain SPF.

Lisa Hoffman is the wife of Dustin Hoffman and created this skincare line to “simplify the beauty process, making it easier to use and convenient to carry, while providing products that represent the best ingredients that science and nature have to offer.” All of the facial products come in 1 oz bottles that are spill proof and slender, so they will easily travel. I love the concept! Lisa has a day and night line of skincare products, a bath and spa collection, and frangrance. A 1 oz. bottle of the day cream retails for….gulp…$75.00…I know very very steep. But I have barely used a tenth of the cream and I know it will last for several more months. I know several of my girlfriends love it so much they are just going to bite the bullet and buy more when they run out. lol! Visit for more information.



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3 Responses to “Lisa Hoffman: Day Cream with SPF 15”

  1. it is way too cold! have you voted yet? i’m going to have to break out the gloves and scarves if we have to stand outside in this weather for hours!

  2. Yeah for free lotions! Yea for Uggs! Boo for freakin’ cold weather. My face is as dry as a lavarock. I’m shedding like a snake over here. LOL! I am putting on lotion every few hours… the FL humidity is gone, and I’m probably one of the few who misses it. I dry out so darn easy. The last 2 days I’m toting around heavy lip balm, a full size face lotion, body butter, and hand balm. And I’m still flaky. 🙂

    Seriously though, glad you liked the Lisa Hoffman!

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