L’Occitane Boutiques: Experience Provence Without Traveling to France

L’Occitane Boutiques: Experience Provence Without Traveling to France

Hello Divas!

I hope your life is marvelous! Be thankful for all that you have and you won’t have time to be envious of others. So true.

From yesterday’s post, you Divas know how much I love natural beauty products like shea butter.  Especially shea butter combined with essential oils.  Shea butter mixed with sweet almond oil or lavender oil makes my skin feel like “butta’ plus the oils make the shea butter smell so good!

If you read my blog, you know I especially love L’Occitane hand and body butters because they contain all natural ingredients like shea butter, are super hydrating to the skin, and the packaging is simple yet classic.  I usually purchase my favorite L’Occitane hand cream from Sephora, but this summer I was in an airport that had a L’Occitane boutique.  After visiting the boutique, I have committed myself to shopping at L’Occitane boutiques from now on.

Entering the L’Occitane boutique is like entering a serene spa.  First, there are candles burning, and the lighting is not overly bright but muted.  I instantly felt calm and relaxed when entering the boutique.  Of course, it smells like Lavender, which is a key ingredient in most of their products.  Lavender is known to calm and soothe.  I love it!  Next, the display of products are well organized and there are samples of everything.  I particularly loved the display of french soaps.  I love picking up travel size soaps when traveling and L’Occitane has shea butter travel sized soaps for only $4.  That is a good deal for a quality product!

More importantly, the customer service at the L’Occitane boutique was superb!  The associate was well versed on the product offerings.  She encouraged me to try different products and she was so nice, I could not leave the store without buying something.  Good customer service will ensure a return customer every time.  I don’t understand why other retailers don’t get it. 

Anyhoo, L’Occitane boutiques are located in over 70 countries around the world.  Click here to find a boutique near you and experience Provence without traveling to France.


Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post.  However, my opinion and experience with L’Occitane is 100% honest and mine.


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  1. My favorite hand cream! I stock up at Christmas time when they have the 3 pack for $25. My family knows I carry it and often ask to use it, but I give it to them sparingly and I won’t let my husband put it on his ashy elbows….I tell him, “For $10 a tube, this is not for your rusty elbows!” And you are right..the store is beautiful.

  2. @Funkidivagirl A girl after my own heart! I could live in that store!

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