L’Occitane Hand Creme = Beautiful Hands

L’Occitane Hand Creme = Beautiful Hands

Hello Divas!

I hope all is fantastic! L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream is my next gush! It is the best! I have been using this hand creme for a year now and I can truly say no other hand cream can get my hands as hydrated, smooth and soft. I wash my hands a LOT….washing dishes, changing diapers, sharing common spaces with co-workers, I really can’t wash them enough. lol! So of course my hands are always dry. I massage a nickel size amount of this cream onto my hands and it instantly absorbs into my skin. My hands are non-greasy and so so soft. This hand cream is made with Shea Butter, Vitamin E, honey, and sweet almond extract. Now I must be honest. I don’t particularly care for the smell of this hand cream, but it is so great I tolerate it. But fortunately, L’Occitane has a Cherry Blossom and Lavender Hand Cream. These creams have beautiful smells and they contain the same amount of Shea Butter and Vitamin E as the orginal. I always buy the mini hand cream. It is 1 fl. oz., so it fits perfectly in my make-up bag and travels easily on a flight. The mini hand cream retails for only $10.00 and you can purchase it at any L’Occitane Store or at Sephora or here at Sephora.com


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  1. I LOVE this hand cream (lavender)! When I thought I would have to give it up at airport security (I forgot to put in a plastic bag, but they didn’t sweat me), I was not happy. Very creamy, but not greasy, just like you said. And the lavender smells devine. My daughter keeps using it too, but at $10 for a tiny tube, um, that girl better use something else! LOL!

  2. To Sherrelle:

    LOL! Your daughter is a little diva after my own heart. L’Occitane is the BEST! I keep one in my car and in my purse. Just lovely!

  3. Thank you so much for posting our hand cream on your blog for your readers to learn about! This has got to be my personal all-time L’Occitane favorite and it’s clear that you know why! As a little heads up– for the holidays we’re launching a gift set with 6 different travel size hand creams. Definitely check that out in the coming months!

    Thanks so much and take care!

    All the best,
    Sophia, L’Occitane USA

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