Lumene Arctic Touch Clarifying Mineral Scrub

Lumene Arctic Touch Clarifying Mineral Scrub

Hello Divas!

I hope your first full week of 2009 starts of with a bang! I am working on my goals today. Yes! Well over the holiday break, I popped into CVS to purchase some household items and I noticed that all Lumene skincare and cosmetics were 50% off! Now I had never tried their products, but you guys know I am: 1. a sucker for a sale and 2. a product junkie. So I picked up a facial cleanser, mineral scrub, peat mask, moisturizer with SPF 15, and an instant lift serum. I know I went a little crazy. lol! But I am happy to report that I am really enjoying the products. Lumene is a Finnish Beauty Company that produces products that are made from Arctic plants and minerals. The products focus on anti-aging and restoration of damaged skin.

I have only been using the products for 1 week, so I can’t tell you if they are living up to the hype just yet. But I can rave, rave, rave about the Arctic Touch Clarifying Mineral Scrub. Can I just say fantabulous? I am in LOVE with this Scrub. First this Scrub contains Arctic minerals and jojoba beads that stimulate skin renewal and remove dead skin. When I use this scrub I feel that it is working. The jojoba beads provide great exfoliation but they are also gentle. It is the perfect balance. Also the minerals in this scrub actually give your face a very cool but tingly sensation. It really feels like a blast of cold air on your face…very refreshing. After I use this scrub, my skin is so smooth. I know that the scrub has done its job and removed dead skin. Plus my skin is unbelievably soft. The scrub does not dry out your skin or cause rough patches. I have used this product twice in one week and my skin looks refreshed, smoother, and even. Ladies and gents I promise this scrub is a MUST have! This scrub retails for $12 and you can purchase it here online or at any CVS.


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  1. Great review. I so need that scrub and peet mask for my Sunday at home spa day.

  2. sounds amazing! i just won a tube of their face and base and it’s really good too!

  3. To Kim@ALOS: That is exactly when I am using the products…on Sunday or Monday night when I give myself a weekly mini-facial. The products are really good. This is my first time trying Lumene.

    To Ren Ren: Yes! I am really liking Lumene. So far so good!

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