Luxe-Atlanta Event!

Hello Divas!

I hope all is well! Usually this is the Hot Drugstore of the Week post, but I am currently at the Library. The MAC is in the shop and I am winging it! But I wanted to hip my beautiful Atlanta Divas to a fun event that is taking place tomorrow at Luxe-Atlanta. Tomorrow, June 11 from 7pm-9pm, Luxe-Atlanta is hosting a “Feed the Models, Save the World” event that will highlight eating disorders and unhealthy weight in the Modeling Industry. Of course, the event will be fun and for a great cause. There will be shopping, food, and drinks! What is not to love? LOL! Luxe-Atlanta will sell t-shirts at the event for $25. Forty percent of the proceeds from these t-shirts will go to EDIN, which is the non-profit organization supporting this worthy cause. Miss Georgia is also co-hosting! Click here for more event details!


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