Luxe Exhibit: Diana: A Celebration!

Luxe Exhibit: Diana: A Celebration!

Hello Divas!

I hope you had a beautiful weekend!  It was finally in the 70s in Atlanta! Whoohoo!

Saturday I had an AMAZING opportunity to view the Princess Diana: A Celebration Exhibit at the Atlanta Civic Center.  Creaxion Marketing and Media, provided several Atlanta Bloggers with Tickets to this must see event.  Of course, because I am a Diva and love all things luxe, I jumped at the chance to view it.

The first thing that greeted me as I entered the Exhibit was Diana’s personal and family jewels.  All I have to say is Wowza!  I have never seen that many diamonds up close.  It was staggering.  The exhibit includes two of Diana’s Tiaras, including the one she wore on her wedding day.  These Tiaras had hundreds of diamonds! There was also Diana’s family ancestral diamonds dating as far back as the 1300 hundreds! There was one diamond necklace that included about 40 2.0 carat diamonds and 2 huge 9-10 carat diamond teardrops. Stunning!

The Exhibit then traced Diana’s ancestral history.  The Exhibit features the Althorp Estate, which is the 500 year family estate of Diana’s family.   The Exhibit then features childhood video footage, photos, and childhood mementoes of Diana.  Diana was an extremely cute and fashionable baby and child. Simply adorable!  I also saw letters Diana wrote as a child and her report card.

The exhibit also features Diana’s time as a young adult in London.  She purchased a flat with money from her trust and worked as a kindergarten teacher assistant, cleaning lady, and nanny.  Surprisingly I discovered that Diana’s older sister first dated Prince Charles and when she married Charles she was 19 and he was 32!

Next the Exhibit features Diana’s wedding to Prince Charles.  It includes her wedding gown, wedding shoes (made from pearls), purse and parasol. It also includes a flower girl dress.  There is also video footage and photos of the wedding.  Diana looked so happy on that day!  I remember watching it as a little girl and I so wanted to be in that carriage! That wedding is still breathtaking!

The Exhibit then takes on a somber note as it details Diana’s untimely death and funeral.  I tell you this part of the exhibit is a tear jerker.  There were many watery eyes during this presentation.  It featured Diana’s funeral, condolences books (hundreds from around the world); Elton John singing Candle in the Wind and other mementoes.  Diana is buried on an island in the middle of a lake on her family’s estate.  It is so beautiful and peaceful.  A perfect resting place for a Princess.

Gladly, the Exhibit ends on a high note!  The last portion features Diana’s charity work.  She supported hundreds of charities and frequently made private visits and calls to those she visited.  She also privately supported many individuals through time and resources for years after her initial visits.  The ending also features 25 of Diana’s most memorable gowns.  Diana was tall and slim and I believe a perfect size 4.  She was such a stunning woman!  Plus from all of the photos and video footage I saw, very full of life and always smiling or laughing.  I love that. 

Diana: A Celebration will run until June 13 at the Atlanta Civic Center.  It will then be flown by Delta Cargo back to Althorp Estate in England.  Tickets are $47 but well worth it.  I have also included a $3 off coupon for this Exhibit below.



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