Luxe hair: Amika Hydration Cream

Luxe hair: Amika Hydration Cream

Hello Divas!

We are still snowed in in the A. I am still in shock.  But I am thankful for having a home, food, and heat during this storm.  God is good!

Right before Christmas, I received a new hair product to try from Amika.  Amika is a hair care company based out of Israel and specializes in hair styling tools and hair care products.  Apparently their Obliphica hair care products are all the rage.  They are specifically designed for curly hair.  The Obliphica line includes obliphica oil known to nourish the hair and restore natural moisture and balance and Morrocan Argan Oil known to produce remarkable shine to hair and also improve elasticity and reduce hair loss due to breakage.  I am always open to try new products on luxe baby’s hair, so I thought we would give it a whirl.

I used the hydration cream on luxe baby after washing her hair.  The cream can be used on wet hair or dry hair if you need moisture.  The cream is very light weight, which I loved.  It has a very silky texture.  The cream instantly hydrated luxe baby’s hair.  Her hair absorbed the cream immediately.  It made her hair soft and manageable.  I used a small palm size of the cream and easily twisted her hair without having to re-apply a lot of the cream.


The cream made her twists very soft and defined without product build-up.  Her hair had a smooth and soft texture…not sticky at all.  Here is a pic:

Also, I am able to apply a quarter size amount every morning to smooth her hair and re-define her curly twists.  Not bad.

The Obliphica line also includes a curl defining cream, nourishing mask, pure obliphic oil, a serum, and spray.  So far I have been very impressed with the product.  I would love to try the curl defining cream to see if I can achieve more curl definition.  I think the hydration cream does an excellent job of curl definition, but maybe the curl definition cream is better.

Have any of you tried Obliphica oil or Amika products?  If so, please share.


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