Luxe Nest: TJMaxx and World Market Finds For a Sophisticated Safari

Luxe Nest: TJMaxx and World Market Finds For a Sophisticated Safari

I had been planning the Chameleon Baby’s room since last August. This being my first child, I was indecisive  and obsessive about every detail. Decorating the room has been a slow and somewhat difficult process which included me collecting pieces from all over the city for months. I knew from the beginning that the theme would be “sophisticated safari,” but I could not decide on fabrics, gliders, bedding – anything. My first thought was to use only nontraditional animal prints in shades of blue and green.

At some point,  I stumbled across the Zuny animal bookends, and I wanted to DIY those myself  in a variety of green leathers.  I even got Hubby excited and he began looking for the huge antique leather animals that they used to sell in Abercrombie and Fitch. Unfortunately, those were out of  our price range. I thought perhaps I could make one.  I also found some great storage chests at where else, TJ Maxx, my favorite spot. They were traditional safari print and I proclaimed that I would recover them in the nontraditional blue and green vinyl safari prints.

At some point, in December,  a voice of reason loudly declared that I would not be able to get it all  done. She was right! I decided that it would be too cumbersome to have everything made or to make it myself. Additionally, I still had fabrics from when I first purchased the house that had not been used. That said, I sprang into action, I returned the chests and decided not to use all of the original fabrics for the room. I found leather Pottery Barn bookends slightly cheaper than the Zuny ones and purchased them with gift cards given to Chameleon Baby at Christmas. Instead of blue and green safari elements, I took a quick survey of what I had purchased and not returned and the elements were all wooden. Every week it seems TJMaxx was (and still is) putting out some safari masks or wooden statues. So this is  what  I settled on:

Instead of making silk panels, I ran across these Jacyln Love 40 x 84 panels 2 for $ 19.99.

I finally hung a mirror that I purchased from TJMaxx at $29.99 last year and put it on the nightstand. The antique green and gold lamp is also an earlier find from TJMaxx for  $29.99.

Oversized cheetah plush (purchased the day after I learned Chameleon Baby was a boy. He will need something with which to wrestle.), $39.99, TJMaxx
I found a number of wooden accents at TJMaxx, and even though they are traditional safari prints and not the blue and green fantasy I had originally hoped for, I am happy with my findings:

Wooden bookends, TJMaxx, $ 29.99

Mother giraffe, $ 39.99, Baby giraffe $19.99, TJMaxx

The two rugs are World Market findings. You may recognize one of them from an earlier post.  Don’t judge. Yes, I bought two. It looked good in both rooms.

Flokati rug,  $119.99, World Market 

Lambskin rug, $79.99 World Market
The blue bathroom, or the “Watering Hole” as I would like to call it, is a slight extension of the safari theme:
Wooden Stool, $ 29.99  TJMaxx

Zebra, Elephant and giraffe masks $ 19.99 TJMaxx

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