Luxe Philantrophy: Ford CEO, Alan Mulally Receives The Helping Hand Award

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As you know, I do believe in, advocate for, and live a life devoted to helping others.  As I have always said, someone somewhere helped us to get to where we are, so giving back is a must.

So today, I want to highlight the charitable acts of the CEO of Ford, Inc.  Mr. Alan Mulally received the “Helping Hand Award”.  The Steve Harvey Foundation gives this award every year at their annual Gala.  The award  is given to those who extend their hands on a continual basis to ensure that at the end of their time they have done their fair share to help their fellow man.  Past award recipients include, Geoffrey Canada (President and CEO of the Harlem Children’s Zone), Pamela El (Vice President of Marketing at State Farm), and actor/director Denzel Washington.  Mr. Mulally is known for his commitment to funding education and social initiatives for the children of Detroit.  

The event took place at Cipriana Wall Street on April 4th.


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