Luxe Travel: Straight Edges by Francesca’s Collections

Luxe Travel: Straight Edges by Francesca’s Collections
Wonder upon wonders. I was on a quest to replace my Nars Orgasm Blush when I ran across a new Francesca’s Collections. “How did this escape me?” I thought. I frequent the Vinings location, but it is always good to know that another is not too far away. I decided to to take a quick detour and check out the digs. A five minute look wouldn’t hurt, right?
Still obsessed with my upcoming trip to Paris, I unintentionally began picking everything that evoked the image of that iconic French woman- minimalistic, graphic prints in black and white, and mod skirts.  It wasn’t until I looked in my hands that I realized where the influence stemmed from.  I kept searching, keeping all of my new found treasures in my hand to take to the fitting room. I am going to leave it there. You know how the sappy romance movie ends. The sunsets on the happy couple and that is all that you see. The camera pans out and  everything else is a blur. My trip to Francesca’s was something like that, a happy ending if you will.
I decided I will share one of the cool French-inspired finds the store is now offering. The Straight Edge Skirt is black and white polyester  mini that snaps up. It has cool side pockets and belt hoops. Polyester has never looked so chic. The Straight Edge Skirt sales for $34.00 at Francesca’s.
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