Luxe vs. Less: Is expensive better?

Luxe vs. Less: Is expensive better?

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I hope your Sunday morning started off nice and calm. When I read this article, I was too excited! The fab people at Total Beauty did a comparison of skincare items in the luxe (more expensive) category and the less (drugstore brand) category. After reading this article, you will know if you really do need to spend your hard earned dollars on that Clarisonic, which they do highly recommend! I am getting mine soon!

Luxe vs. Less Skin Care

Find out what products to splurge on and when to save your hard-earned dollars

You don’t have to spend half your paycheck on skincare products to stay wrinkle and pimple-free. Dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban and P&G scientist Mary Begovic Johnson helped us compare products with similar ingredients that are very different in cost to see which are really worth the price. Here’s what we found.

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