Luxetips! 12 Days of Luxetips Before Christmas: Sol Republic Tracks Air Wireless Headphones.

Luxetips! 12 Days of Luxetips Before Christmas: Sol Republic Tracks Air Wireless Headphones.

Hello Divas!

When your heart is open and willing everything will show up. Via Oprah Winfrey.

The winner of the Stellé Audio® mini-clutch is..Mitch! Congratulations!

Mitch please contact me via email to claim your prize!


Our next giveaway features these fantastic Sol Republic Tracks Air Wireless Headphones.  


They come in a variety of colors (white, blue, red, and black) and they come with a 100 day money back guarantee!  Whoohoo!  The Guarantee applies only to Tracks Air wireless headphones purchased on or after October 15, 2014 directly from SOL REPUBLIC via the official Web Site at Tracks Air headphones must be returned within 100 days following purchase to be eligible for a refund.  This is a great gift for yourself, a teenager, or a hubby that travels! 

So you know the drill.  All you have to do is post a comment on this post and you are entered.  You have until 12 midnight to enter and a winner will be announced tomorrow am.

Good luck! 




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37 Responses to “Luxetips! 12 Days of Luxetips Before Christmas: Sol Republic Tracks Air Wireless Headphones.”

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) December 22, 2014 at 3:41 pm

    My oldest son has a pair of those and LOVES them. I borrow them sometimes and I am really happy with them, too.

  2. No fair! I really wanted that clutch from the day before. I suppose I could settle with the headphones. They definitely look like they’re a luxe gift too.

  3. I’ve been thinking of investing in a pair of high quality headphones. This is one of two brands I have it narrowed down to.

  4. These are super nice…what a great gift! 🙂

  5. These look like wonderful headphones. I always choose over the ear headphones. Ear buds are so uncomfortable to me.

  6. I know my son needed a new pair of headphones. Those headphones look awesome!

  7. These look like amazing headphones! I love the over the head ones because I am always losing my earbuds.

  8. Congrats to Mitch. This is a really great giveaway, They look like great headphones.

  9. I love SOL headphones. I think I really need a pair in Red. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. These look great! My oldest has been bugging for headphones and these look perfect!

  11. I’ve read so much about these headphones. My husband would love a pair!

  12. My hubby has these and absolutely loves them! They go everywhere with him. I think I need a pair now!

  13. they look like cool head phones. I need to get one for my son

  14. My husband would love the Sol Republic Tracks Air in gunmetal. I love that they offer the 100 day guarantee!

  15. These look like some very high quality headphones! My daughter would love love love a pair of these for Christmas!

  16. I would love a pair of these head phones for myself. I will have to go get myself a pair as a Christmas gift to myself.

  17. Those headphones sound great. Have several in family would love them.

  18. Such cool looking headphones. I would love to win them.

  19. These headphones are really great with 150 ft Bluetooth connection and amazing sound quality..
    Hope I can win !!!

  20. The black color of this headphone would be a great birthday gift for my brother 🙂

  21. Woow I’m so excited about this giveaway hope I can win this headphone , I like blue color , they have nfc and 150 ft range …

  22. I have issues with a lot of headphones feeling like they pinch my head. I have heard good things about these and that silver set is very classy looking.

  23. I totally need some of those headphone! I love the black ones that I’ve seen!

  24. Love these headphones! I am a notorious headphone killer. I have been through a million cheap pairs, so have been looking into these as an alternative.

  25. Those are some stylish headphones! My husband has been asking for a pair!

  26. These headphones really looks nice and handy and also a great gift for my cousin , he is a crazy about them !!

  27. Hope I can win this headphone , I like that they have a wide
    range of colors !!!

  28. Thank you for the chance Ma’am , I really need this headphones
    as I’m on the go all the time and I like that they are wireless 🙂

  29. Black or white headphone with my black water proof jacket and chrome finished bike , I’ll be like a superstar !!!!!
    I like that they have a high end sound quality …..

  30. Decent comfortable good sound headphones for my boyfriend , 😀 😀 Blue OR Black 🙂

  31. My husband has a pair of those and he loves them. Everyone’s got to have a good pair of headphones!

  32. They would a great gift for my Son who like them SO much , I think white is fine !! if I win I’ll ask him to choose the color he wants !!

  33. 15 hours of battery life
    Dual-device connectivity
    100-Day Money Back Guarantee
    And black color for my brother !!

  34. One of my dream is to have black color of this wonderful nice headphone !!!

  35. I’d love to have this around the world with me, wireless headphones is great

  36. Very VERY outstanding battery life. Hopefully I can win these for my friend.

  37. Those are just beautiful! I would love to give them a try especially with that battery life!

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