Luxetips Automobiles: 2012 Dodge Challenger: A HOT Car

Luxetips Automobiles: 2012 Dodge Challenger: A HOT Car

Hello Divas:

This post is dedicated to my son.  I love having a son because it allows me to indulge my obsessions with sports and beautiful cars.  And luxe son loves any sport and he adores fast beautiful cars. Love.

On a recent trip to the barber, he snapped a pic of this beautiful Dodge Challenger.  He said “Mom look at that HOT car.” I turned around and I agreed.

I mean it is just something about that classic retro design of the Dodge Challenger that is hot, sleek and sexy.  And it has the chops to match.  Here are some of the specs:

375 Horsepower (Vroom)
Performance tuned suspension (allows the driver to control all of that horsepower)
Automatic or six speed transmission options
Fuel Efficiency. (27 mpg) Wow.

Of course I am always interested in the technology.  The Dodge Challenger also has:

UConnect 730N which is an internal hard drive and allows the drive to enjoy music, bluetooth access, voice activation, wi-fi (total access to email, etc.), USB ports for all of your electronic devices such as ipods and gaming systems, and navigation.

Ok. I am impressed.

The Dodge Challenger retail price starts at 25k plus and it comes in a range of models and of course sleek colors with those so cool stripes.


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