Luxetips Automobiles! 2012Land Rover LR4

Luxetips Automobiles! 2012Land Rover LR4
Hello Divas!

Always remain thankful for every little blessing.  It brings more blessings your way!

I have always wanted a Land Rover vehicle.  They are rugged yet luxurious.  I love that a Land Rover truck can practically go vertical if needed on hilly or rugged terrain but drive like a dream on the road.

The LR4 is my kind of vehicle.  First the visibility when driving its amazing.  You can see everything on the road.  It is sturdy.  When driving a LR4 you feel safe and it has the highest safety rating.  More importantly, for busy on the go Moms, it has 7 roomy seats.  The seating is perfect for play dates and baseball gear, and warehouse shopping.  Kids need a lot of room for their stuff.

But it also has butter leather seats, heated seats and steering wheel, dual zone automatic climate control, double sunroofs with blinds (HOT), Bluetooth and IPod connectivity, and remote steering wheel audio controls.

Yes, the Land Rover LR4 is my kind of vehicle.  I just need to make a little more money so I can afford the maintenance!

The new Land Rover LR4 starts at $49,750.


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