Luxetips Automobiles! 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum Edition: Affordable Luxury

Luxetips Automobiles! 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum Edition: Affordable Luxury

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Recently I had the privilege of test driving the all new 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum edition.  My family and I took this vehicle on a road trip to Clearwater Beach, FL for a mini-vacay.  This vehicle is super luxurious, chock full of innovative technology and super comfortable and spacious.


Luxury defined.

The Ford Explorer Platinum edition takes luxury to another level.  First let’s talk about the extra butta leather seats.  The seats are leather with quilted inserts. The first row seats have the “Platinum” embroidery multi-contour driver and passenger seats.  In addition, the seats come with dual climate control.  Passengers can heat up the seats in the winter and cool down the seats in the Summer.  So regardless of the weather, all passengers are always comfy!


The most amazing thing about the seats in the Ford Explorer Platinum edition is the massage feature.


Yes, the driver and front passenger seats will massage you while driving.  The massage extends from the top of your shoulders to mid thigh.  It is so relaxing but not too relaxing to the put the driver to sleep.  It is such a nice feature and perfect after driving for long hours.


The interior also includes a dual moon roof, ambient lighting and power outlets for electronics throughout the vehicle and more importantly seating for 7!  It fit our family of six with ease!




The Ford Explorer Platinum edition comes with the most amazing sound system!  The premium Sony system with Clear Phase® audio and Live Acoustics™ includes 500 watts, 12 speakers including a subwoofer and a new 14-channel amp. The sound is crisp and clear.  Pure perfection. Passengers can also hook up their electronics through USB ports or Bluetooth to watch movies, play electronics or listen to their personal iTunes library with premium sound.


The 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum edition can almost drive itself!  This car performed amazing feats while we were on our road trip. Check it out!

Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist- This feature was the most incredible feature I ever had seen in a vehicle.  If the driver veers into the next lane, this system will shake the car to alert the driver and will automatically veer the vehicle into the correct lane! When I first witnessed this feature, I was stunned! This feature helps to minimize collisions on a long road trip.


Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision warning with brake support– Adaptive Cruise Control is another cool feature of the 2016 Ford Explorer.  This system allows the driver to put the car at a steady speed limit with cruise control.  However, if a car slows down in front of you while you are on cruise control, adaptive cruise control will automatically slow down your vehicle without you ever having to slam on brakes. Genius.


Other safety features include a rear view camera which works amazing well to avoid back-up collisions and enhanced active park assist w/ pull out assist, perpendicular park and flank guard.  I love love love park assist.  Park Assist will alert you to an open parking space and then parallel the vehicle for you.  Amazing!

Of course the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum edition comes standard with Ford SYNC® with MyFord Touch®.  This feature allows you to connect your mobile devices through bluetooth technology so that you can listen to your music library, access your phone and it provides superior navigation features that will find anything you need on the road while also avoiding traffic. Priceless.


Here are some more pictures of our adventures in Clearwater Beach, FL with the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum Edition.


IMG_7107  IMG_7127  IMG_7131          IMG_7158IMG_7139IMG_7128

This beach….priceless!


The new 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum Edition retails for $52,970.




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