Luxetips Automobiles! Ford F-150 Platinum Edition Designed By Jackie Dimarco: A Luxe Woman!

Luxetips Automobiles! Ford F-150 Platinum Edition Designed By Jackie Dimarco: A Luxe Woman!

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Recently, I had an amazing opportunity to interview Jackie Dimarco, Ford’s F-150 Chief Engineer. Wowza!  I love smart and amazing women!  As you may know, The Ford F-150 is the best selling truck line in North America.  It is an icon.  So being the person in charge of the design and engineering of the Ford F-150 is a big deal.

Jackie has been with Ford for 15 years and has multiple degrees from Ohio State in Mechanical and Chemical Engineering and a MBA from University of Michigan.  Jackie was very gracious and really gave me an insight to her life as a Boss, Mom of 9 year old twin girls, and a wife.  Check it out!

Luxetips:  Hi Jackie, this is Latoicha from the lifestyle blog,  Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with me today.  What do you feel is the best feature of the Ford F-150?

Jackie Dimarco:  We recently added the Ford MyTouch Technology to the Ford F-150 and it allows the owner of the vehicle to seamlessly integrate nearly all mobile phonesPDAs and digital media players into their cars. Operation of these devices, utilizing advanced Ford Sync functionality, is performed using voice commands, touch-screen inputs, the vehicle’s steering wheel, radio controls, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. MyFord Touch is also capable of receiving text messages and reading these text messages aloud to occupants of the car.  

Also the Ford F-150 is truly a family car.  It has a huge cabin that can easily seat a family of five and carseats can fit in the cabin with ease.  More importantly, the Ford F-150 can haul boats and other outdoor equipment for family outings.  It is a multi-use vehicle.

Luxetips:  Why should a Mom purchase a Ford F-150?  It is a huge truck and can be intimidating for a woman to drive.

Jackie Dimarco:  Well for one it has so much room in the cabin and big and large kids can be very comfortable in the truck.  Also if you have kids who are active and involved in sports and other activities like mine, the bed is perfect for hauling sports gear; Costco runs, and carrying bikes, motorbikes, and the like.  

Also the Ford F-150 has two and four wheel drive and really handles the road like a car.  It is easy to navigate.

Luxetips:  Fantastic!  This is good to know because I have to carry a lot of stuff as well with my son playing Baseball and my daughter playing Soccer.

Luxetips:  Jackie how you balance your demanding work schedule with raising two daughters?  

Jackie:  It is challenging.  However, my husband and I decided to get an Au Pair to help with the girls as we both have demanding jobs.  It works for us.  The wonderful thing about having an Au Pair is after a long day of work, I can come home and be relaxed and simply enjoy my daughters without having to worry about preparing dinner, doing homework, etc.  It has made my life much easier.

Luxetips:  What a great idea.  I also find myself stressed and stretched thin being a single parent to two small kids, having my own law practice and maintaining  Thank you for being honest and real about how you manage your home with such a demanding job.  

And Divas, I had an opportunity to test drive the Ford F-150 Platinum edition and it is a super luxe.  Check out the pics:

 The best feature on the Ford F-150 Platinum edition is the running board that automatically comes down when you open the car door. Genius!

 Roomy cabin!

 Chrome wheels.

Ford MyTouch technology complete with satellite radio and navigation.

And it really does handle like a car.  The ride was super smooth and quiet.  I didn’t have that feeling of “tipping” you usually get in really big trucks.  It was very luxe.

The Ford F-150 Platinum Edition retails for about 44k.

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