Luxetips Automobiles: Ford Focus Electric Go Further Event at Zoo Atlanta

Luxetips Automobiles: Ford Focus Electric Go Further Event at Zoo Atlanta

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Last week I had a wonderful opportunity to preview the new Ford Focus Electric at Zoo Atlanta.  It was a gorgeous day out and the perfect setting to learn more about the new Ford Focus Electric.

Luch was provided and we were treated to a really awesome presentation by The City of Atlanta, Clean Cities Coalition Program, and The Ford Motor Company on the many benefits of using electric cars.  Some of the benefits are:

Electric vehicles eliminate emissions
Eliminate the need for petroleum
In the Southeast electricity if very inexpensive
5k tax credit for purchasing an electric car
Access to HOV lanes

The Clean Cities program is a coalition of several cities that are committed to becoming green cities and providing infastructure for electric cars. Atlanta is a EV (electric) ready city and we have many electric charging stations in Atlanta.

Ford Motor Company then gave specific details about Ford’s electric car strategy.  Ford is dedicated to fuel efficiency.  Most of their vehicles offer 40 mpg or more.  In addition:

Ford will produce 1.5 million cars with eco-boost by 2013
By 2020 20% of Ford vehicles will be electric
The new Ford Focus Electric is launching in 19 markets including Atlanta.

We also got an opportunity to test drive the new Ford Focus Electric.  It features:

An electric power pack with some fuel.
Owners get the equivalent of 110 miles per gallon. Wowza
Seats 5
Includes the Ford MyFordTouch technology.
Includes a really cool butterfly screen to let the owner know how much electric power is available before charging.

My experience with the car was awesome.  ItsArkeedah, another fellow Atlanta fashion blogger, and I rode together and the ride was so smooth.  It was very spacious and luxe moms can fit two car seats in the back. Score.

The car is super quiet because there is no motor, but I liked the quiet.  It was definitely a nice change.

The new Ford Focus Electric retails for $39,200.00.

Here is a pic of me signing in.  I wore:

Target print dress
212 white fitted blazer
Vintage Python cross body handbag
Fossil Watch
Target brand shades
Sally Hansen Midnight in NY black nail polish
Glowing cheeks via: Estee Lauder Pure Color Blush in Peach Passion Shimmer



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