Luxetips Automobiles: Ford Makes Sure Our Sunnies Ride In Style

Luxetips Automobiles: Ford Makes Sure Our Sunnies Ride In Style

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Ford Engineers appreciate our obsession with Sunglasses.  In fact, when designing the 2013 Ford Fusion, the engineers evaluated and modeled more than 100 pairs of sunglasses to make sure 95% of any shades style or design fit in the overhead shade compartment.  Yep you heard right, the engineers evaluated designer frames to drug store knockoffs.  Wow.  I am in love with the attention to detail.

And this is how they did it:

Using the coordinate measuring machine – a laser scanning device that produces accurate, to-scale 3D models on the computer – the engineers scanned real sunglasses to simulate how different types would rest in the overhead container.”

Sejal Shreffler – core accommodation and usage engineer – explains, “Older sunglasses holders were designed for thin, wire-framed pairs, but fashions have evolved toward thicker, plastic shades. So we changed the bins to keep up with the trends.”

Check out some pics of the Ford Engineers doing their thing.  

And of course, here are some pics of my favorite Sunnies.  


House of Harlow Stunners.

You Divas can rest assured they will be well protected in The Ford Fusion.


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