Luxetips Automobiles! Ford Supports Heatstroke Prevention in Hot Cars

Luxetips Automobiles! Ford Supports Heatstroke Prevention in Hot Cars

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Today’s post is very serious and something we all need to take heed.

Today is National Heatstroke Prevention Day.  There are constant news stories in the South about children being left in hot cars and either suffering severe heatstroke or in worse cases dying.  As a parent, I know it can be tempting to leave your kids in the car as you run into the convenient store or running a quick errand.  But we must remember that it is NEVER okay to leave a child in a locked car, even with the window partially left open.  As you will see below, car temperatures rise very quickly in extreme heat and a child can suffer a heatstroke in as little as 10 minutes!


Ford Motor Company is supporting the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s efforts to tackle the alarming safety threat that heatstroke poses for young children left in hot cars.  

Here are a few facts about hot cars, children, and heatstroke:

Did you know?

  • ·         Last year alone, 44 children in the United States lost their lives after being left in unattended motor vehicles.
  • ·         More than half (52%) of kids who died from vehicular heatstroke were “forgotten” by their caregiver
  • ·         A child’s temp can heat up to 5 times faster than an adult’s on a hot day
  • ·         Studies show that when the temperature outside is 90 degrees the temperature inside a parked car can rise to 109 degrees in 10 minutes, 119 degrees in 20 minutes and 124 degrees in 30 minutes.

As summer temperatures rise, here are a few simple tips for parents and childcare providers to keep kids safe inside of vehicles:

1.        Never leave infants or children alone in a parked car, even if the windows are partially open

2.        Make sure the safety seat and safety belt buckles aren’t too hot before securing a child in a restraint system

3.        Don’t ever leave sleeping infants in the car

4.        Be sure to check the front and back seats of a vehicle before locking it and walking away

5.        Lock your car when you’re not in it, so kids can’t get in on their own



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