Luxetips Automobiles! Ford Warriors In Pink Model of Courage Tracy Nicole: A Survivor

Luxetips Automobiles! Ford Warriors In Pink Model of Courage Tracy Nicole: A Survivor

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As long as you are alive, you can live the life you want and realize your dreams. So don’t ever give up!


The Ford Motor Company supports many philanthropic causes and one of those causes is The Ford Warriors in Pink Campaign.  The Ford Warriors in Pink campaign has been in existence for the past 20 years and has driven the conversation regarding breast cancer awareness through informed conversations and surveys.  The program encourages women to be proactive about their breast health.  The program also raises money for breast cancer research with the purpose of finding a cure. 


Through the Warriors in Pink program Ford has chosen “Models of Courage”  in several cities who are champions when it comes to the fight against breast cancer. One of Atlanta’s Models of Courage is Tracy Nicole ( Tracy Nicole is 39 years old and was diagnosed in 2012 with DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ) Breast Cancer. She is a fighter with two litte girls and a fashion designer and writer. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tracy Nicole about her breast cancer journey and how she has triumphed over the disease.  The most amazing part of this story is that Tracy and I actually went to college together and were friends.  We were members of the same modeling troupe and had some good times! It was so nice to sit down and talk to Tracy about her journey.  

Tracy is a former occupational therapist and boutique owner.  Currently she is a clothing designer, author, and mom of two beautiful girls.  She is clearly a go-getter and has been very successful at all of her endeavors.  She describes her self as always busy and on the go.  So it came as a shock when she was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago.  She is such an inspiration and I hope you enjoy her story.

Me: Tracy how did you discover you had breast cancer?

Tracy Nicole: My mom had been diagnosed with breast cancer a second time (now a third) and that is when my sister and I decided it was time for us to go get mammograms.  When the results came back, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my sister was not.  I was in shock. I was not prepared for the results.  Instantly my life flashed before my eyes and I immediately thought of my two girls. 

Me: What were your next steps?

Tracy Nicole:  My sister and mom were very supportive and gave me lots of encouragement that I would get through this.  My doctors were very aggressive after the diagnosis.  After the mammogram revealed the cancer, I immediately had a biopsy.  After the biopsy confirmed the diagnosis, I consulted with my doctor and decided to have a bilateral mastectomy.  The surgery was scheduled within 3 weeks of my diagnosis. I then took a trip to Disney World with my daughters to simply process what was happening and enjoy my children before having to deal with the cancer and the surgery. 

Me:  Why did you decide to have a bilateral mastectomy instead of just having the cancer removed in the affected breast?

Tracy Nicole:  My doctor was really instrumental in me making the decision to get both breasts removed.  By getting both breasts removed immediately, I would not have to go through chemotherapy, radiation and MRIs.  Of course there was also the risk of the cancer coming back.  My Mom has been diagnosed 3 times with breast cancer and I did not want to risk that.  More importantly, I thought of my daughters.  I wanted to make the best possible decision so I can be present for them.

Me:  How did you feel about losing both breasts?

Tracy Nicole: Well I was a candidate for a nipple sparing mastectomy so I was able to keep my outside breast tissue.  So I decided to get implants.  The implants were inserted as soon as my breasts were removed.  When I woke up, I had the most gorgeous breasts!  They were perfect! I really have to sing the praises of Dr. Diane Alexander of Artisan Plastic Surgery .  She is an expert in breast implants for breast cancer survivors.  She made me feel so comfortable. She was encouraging and made me feel like family.  And she did an amazing job!

Me: What advice would you like to give women about breast cancer awareness?

Tracy Nicole: Early detection is key.  I found my breast cancer at stage 0.  However, between my diagnosis and my surgery, my cancer had went from stage 0 to stage 1! That was only 3 weeks.  If I had not received the mammogram when I did, I would probably not be here to tell this story.

Me: Tracy your story is an inspiration to me.  I have had several mammograms in my early life because I have fibrocystic breasts, but I have not had one since I turned 40.  I am scheduling my mammogram ASAP. 

Tracy Nicole:  I also started a blog about my breast cancer journey at Beneath the Petals.  I started it to share my story and encourage other women to take control of their breast health.  I also feature other breast cancer survivors on the blog so they can be an inspiration to women by sharing their stories. 

Me:  Now tell me how did you become a Ford Model of Courage?

Tracy Nicole:  Someone submitted my information to Ford and the Ford Foundation reached out to me and interviewed me several times about my breast cancer survivor story.  I then received an official letter that I was chosen as a Ford Model of Courage via Ford’s Warriors of Pink campaign and I was so honored.  They then flew all of the Ford Models of Courage out to Sedona, Arizona for a retreat! I learned that Ford has raised over $125 million dollars dedicated to finding a cure for breast cancer.  In addition, the Ford Warriors in Pink Campaign has Warrior Apparel that features very cool Warriors in Pink merchandise for purchase.  100% of the proceeds goes to breast cancer research.

Me: Wow! I didn’t know that. I am going to check out the Warrior Apparel myself!  So tell me about your next journey. What are you working on? What are your goals for the future?

Tracy Nicole: Well I have my clothing line Tracy Nicole.  You can find the line at  The line features stylish but easy to wear pieces for all women.  The clothes are so versatile you can also wear them as maternity clothes.  

Me:  Are you wearing clothes from your line now?  

Tracy Nicole:  Yes!  


Me: I love love this outfit.  Especially the pants. Gorgeous! 

Tracy Nicole:  Also, I am an author and have written a book entitled “Who Said Peaches Were Perfect.”  The book is about loving yourself and improving your self-esteem as a young woman.  I also wrote the “Who Said Peaches Were Perfect” workbook for teens.  It teaches girl about self-esteem, self-worth, forgiveness, perception, value, reconciliation, and self-love.  I am currently writing another book geared towards girls aged 8-10 in the 3rd-5th grades.  Our younger girls need to learn about self-love and self-esteem also.  

Me: Tracy thank you for meeting with me and your time.  I am looking forward to watching your endeavors continue to flourish!

You can find out more information about Tracy and her clothing line here.  Also learn more about Ford’s Warriors in Pink Campaign here.




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