Luxetips Automobiles! Maserati Dreaming….

Luxetips Automobiles! Maserati Dreaming….

Hello Divas!

We all have that dream car that if money was no object, we would buy in a heart beat.  Although I have the luxe kids and a luxury SUV is a must, I would have to add a Maserati to my 3 car garage.  Can we say VROOM!

However, there is always the GranCabrio, which is a spacious 4 seater drop-top Maserati.  I can just imagine me and the luxe kids hopping in and just riding in the Sunset.

Some of the Maserati GranCabrio specs include:
– Eight Clylinder engine
-440 Horsepower
-Peak torque of 490 Nm at 4750 rpm
-Handcrafted by Poltrona Frau
-Alcantara finish on the back of the steering wheel paddles

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