Luxetips Automobiles! Luxury Automaker Mercedes-Benz USA Moving to Atlanta

Luxetips Automobiles! Luxury Automaker Mercedes-Benz USA Moving to Atlanta

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Good news for the State of Georgia and the City of Atlanta.  Mercedes-Benz USA is moving its corporate headquarters to Atlanta, GA!  Whoohoo! 

Mercedez-Benz USA was secretly shopping several Southeast locations to relocate its corporate headquarters and chose Georgia.  Why the Southeast?  Well apparently states in the South offer many tax incentives, lower corporate tax rates, and other exemptions that are attractive to automakers. 


According to the WSJ, Georgia offered Mercedes-Benz corporate 23 million dollars in tax credits and other incentives.  The package includes, state job-tax credits, exemptions and development funds.  Specifically, the company’s state corporate tax bill will be reduced by as much as $4,000, every year for up to five years for each new job. 

The company plans to add 800-1000 jobs when it relocates to Atlanta.  Some of those jobs will be re-located employees in New Jersey and the rest will be new jobs for Georgia residents.

I am thrilled about this new move!  This is exciting news for Atlanta.  Luxury automakers are seeing the value in bringing their business to Atlanta.  This moves will improve our economy and put others on notice that Atlanta is a legitimate epicenter for global business.



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