Luxetips Automobiles! My Week With the 2013 Lincoln MKZ: Modern Luxury

Luxetips Automobiles! My Week With the 2013 Lincoln MKZ: Modern Luxury

Hello Divas!

Life is good. You can always find joy in the simple things.

For the past week, I have had the pleasure of test driving a brand new 2013 Lincoln MKZ.

The good folks at Lincoln gave me a midnight blue Lincoln MKZ with an all black leather interior.  Can we say super luxe?

The Lincoln MKZ is a luxury compact sedan with a sleek body.  It has chrome rims, standard LED lights, split Lincoln grill, and can come equipped with a retractable panoramic roof.   It is a good looking vehicle.  I kept getting stares from people trying to figure out what kind of car I was driving.

In my opinion the interior is the best part of the 2013 Lincoln MKZ.  To repeat a famous quote, “you can just smell the luxury” LOL!

The premium “butta” leather seats are beyond.  It is by far the most comfy and luxurious ride I have ever had.  Seriously.  When it got a little chilly this week in Atlanta, I activated the heated seats for me and the luxe kids in the back.  Yes, the Lincoln MKZ comes with heated seats for rear passengers too!  They loved it!  My son always complained my Acura does not have heated seats in the back and how unfair this was for him and luxe baby.  Ha! The MKZ also has a heated steering wheel.

The Lincoln MKZ comes with standard inflatable rear seat belts.  This is such a much needed and cool safety feature.  If the car is involved in a crash the seat belts will inflate to protect precious cargo like luxe kiddies. 🙂

The interior also has lots of room.  The luxe kiddies had plenty of room in the back and the car comfortably seats 5 people.  What we loved about the MKZ was the interior LED lighting that is activated with a simple touch of your fingers.  The lights are invisible to the eye, but with a single touch of the ceiling, they come on. Genius.  Also the lighting was very ambient with a nice glow that illuminates the car.

Luxe son demonstrating touch lighting.

With one swipe of a finger, you can control the volume of the audio system and the climate.  I loved this feature because it makes this function so easy for the driver.  No locating a button to turn.  Also everything is touch control, so all features can be activated by one finger.  Nice.

Another cool feature of the 2013 Lincoln MKZ is the push button shift.  No need for a lever to change gears.  With a simple push of the button, you can go from Drive, to Park, to Reverse.  That was very nice and so easy.  Of course, it comes standard with a push engine start as well.

The technology package is on point.  It comes with the Microsoft Sync with MyLincolnTouch system and it connects with your smart phone so you have easy access to voice command dialing, contacts, and your Itunes library. You can connect your phone via Bluetooth or USB.  Of course, Navigation is standard and it worked like a charm.  I used it to travel to new destinations in the city and when I had to drive 40 miles outside of the city to the Georgia Mountains.  It never had me lost!

Another feature I loved was the audio system.  Incredible!  The Lincoln MKZ comes with THX®!! Certified Audio System.  Surround sound at its best.

Of course the ride is super quiet and smooth.  You don’t drive around town in a Lincoln MKZ, you glide! I barely felt bumps in the road while driving the Lincoln MKZ.  And the car blocks out all outside sound.  That is always nice and allowed me to simply think and enjoy the car.

Lastly, you can purchase the 2013 MKZ with Eco-Boost.  I had the car for one week and drove to work, school, and 80 miles round trip to the Georgia Mountains and still had gas left.  For a mom with luxe kids on a budget, this just makes sense to me.  I can drive in a luxurious car and save on gas? Priceless.

The 2013 Lincoln MKZ retail price starts at $35,000 and the price can increase with amenities.


Disclaimer: The Lincoln MKZ was provided for test drive c/o Lincoln Motor Company.

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