Luxetips Automobiles! New 2013 Acura TL Sedan: Luxury, Technology, Precision

Luxetips Automobiles! New 2013 Acura TL Sedan: Luxury, Technology, Precision

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Recently I had the opportunity to test drive a new 2013 Acura TL sedan and let me tell you I was blown away.  Now I do own an Acura….MDX (SUV), so driving the sporty, powerful and super fast TL was a true joy.

The first thing I noticed about the TL was how much space it had.  I have two luxe kids and they both fit in the back comfortably.  Now the trunk did not have a lot of space for hauling of their stuff, but the inside space was great.

I immediately synced my Iphone up AcuraLink and it was a breeze.  I then had access to all of my music and of course the Navigation system was on point.  The 2013 TL comes standard with Satellite Radio, so I was able to browse channels and choose stations with voice activation.  Nice.

The one thing I loved about the Acura TL’s AcuraLink system is when I re-entered the car, it automatically synced up to my iPhone and starting playing my tunes without the need for a USB cable. I mean I have never seen Bluetooth technology operate so effortlessly.  Genius.

However, my favorite feature of the Acura TL is that as I was driving the car’s stereo volume increased on its own as the car’s speed increased.  Wowza!  Faints!

The Acura TL is very powerful.  It comes standard with 280 HP, 0-60 in 5.7 seconds! (fast baby), and V-Tec, V-6 Engine.

I really loved driving this car.  It was like driving a luxurious but techy sports car.  It has speed, surround sound, tech goodies, and butta leather seats.  What more could you ask for??? LOL!

The new 2013 Acura TL retails for $35.905.00.


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