Luxetips Automobiles! Road Trip With All New Ford Fusion Titanium Edition to Niche Parent 13

Luxetips Automobiles! Road Trip With All New Ford Fusion Titanium Edition to Niche Parent 13

Hello Divas!

Learn to enjoy and savor the moment.  Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is yet to come.

Well I am currently in Sunny South Florida for the Niche Parent 2013 Conference.  This conference connects content producers (bloggers, etc.) with marketers/brands.  I have learned so much!  I have learned how to use Facebook to engage my audience, how to monetize my blog more effectively, and how to build relationships with brands.  I was here to speak on IPLAW101, The Basics of Protecting Your Intellectual Property on the Internet.  Because yes I do still have a day profession as an IP Lawyer.  Fun times!

Ford Motor Company, was gracious enough to allow me to drive the brand new Ford Fusion Titanium Edition down to the conference.  I brought the luxe kiddies with me, so driving the Ford Fusion down to Florida was a real treat.  After 10 plus hours on the road, I truly have to say the new Ford Fusion Titanium Edition has AMAZING safety features, incredible fuel economy, and an insane technology package with the Microsoft Sync system.  These features make it perfect for long road trips!

Ford delivered the Ruby Red Ford Fusion and it is a sweet looking car.  I have test drove the Ford Fusion many times and everyone agrees there is just something about the Ruby Red Ford Fusion that catches your eye.

The luxe kiddos and I had plenty of room in the Ford Fusion.  The Ford Fusion comfortably seats a family of 5 with ease.  The kids has enough space in the back to store their toys and pillows for our trip.

The Ford Fusion Titanium Edition comes with Microsoft My Sync system.  It keep the driver connected with electronic devices such as your iPhone.  You can access your phone contacts, music, etc via blue tooth with My Sync.

The Ford Fusion Titanium Edition also comes with a great GPS system.  It gives turn by turn directions via voice.  I used it and found it to be very accurate.

Also the Ford Fusion Titanium Edition comes with Eco-Boost Fuel Economy.  We traveled 10 plus hours only needing two tanks of gas.  Impressive.  Saving on gas is definitely a plus when traveling with a family on a road trip.

Other key features of the Ford Fusion Titanium Edition is the park assist, lane-keeping assist, and alerts sent to the driver regarding driver fatigue.  Yes you heard me right.  After driving about 10 hours (I did take breaks too!) the car sent me an alert that stated “Driver it is suggested you take a rest break and a cute little cup of coffee appeared on the screen. I was blown away.  I tried to capture the message with my camera, but I didn’t think that was too safe. 
The Ford Fusion also has lane-keep assist.  I basically set it before I got on the road and if the car felt I was drifting into another lane, it would vibrate so I can make a quick lane correction.  
In addition, the new 2014 Ford Fusions will be equipped with rear inflatable seat belts.   These rear inflatable seatbelts were first introduced on the 2012 Explorer and are designed to distribute crash forces across more of a passenger’s torso than a traditional belt – up to five times more – helping to reduce head, neck and chest injuries for rear-seat passengers, often children and older passengers who can be more vulnerable to such injuries.  
I am really enjoying the Ford Fusion Titanium Edition.  Love it! 
Here are some pics of our road trip!  Check them out. 

 The most elaborate state welcome center I have ever seen.  Welcome to the Sunshine State.

 Exploring Florida history


 Dolphins. Art.

We made it and look at our view from our Hotel. Love Florida!

 Luxe baby loves Ford too!

Disclaimer: Ford Motor Company provided transportation via the new Ford Fusion Titanium Edition for this trip. Thanks Ford! 

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