Luxetips Automobiles! Vintage 1961 Ford Thunderbird

Luxetips Automobiles! Vintage 1961 Ford Thunderbird

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Another one of my favorite classic cars is the 1961 Ford Thunderbird.  This car has all the styling and glamour a luxe diva wants.  I first saw this car 10 years ago riding down a street in Atlanta.  I followed the car because I wanted to know where the owner had found it.  Low and behold, he led me to a whole shop full of Thunderbirds from 1961-1963.  This was their speciality:  restoring classic Thunderbirds.  I will never forget that day and it is still a car I salivate over.

Ford updated the body and styling of the Thunderbird from 1961-1963.  This is called the 3rd generation of the Thunderbird.  The body was more sleek and sporty than previous models. The new 1961 Thunderbirds introduced many first in the automotive industry.  They included: 

‘Swing Away’ steering wheel. With the transmission in the park position the steering wheel would slide approximately 18 inches (460 mm) to the right allowing the driver to exit the vehicle easily.

Floating rear view mirror, which is now standard in cars today. 

Several standard features, like power steering and power brakes, back up lights and bucket seats.  These were available in other cars, but were costly add-ons.

The engine consisted of a  390 cu in (6.4 L) FE-series V8.

1963 Thund��

It was also available in a 2-door hard top coupe or 2-door convertible.

It is a gorgeous car and I still love it!

The average resale price for a 1961 Ford Thunderbird is $16,500.00


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