Luxetips Beauty! Get Your Skin Right For 2018 With Innovative Laser Treatments!

Luxetips Beauty!  Get Your Skin Right For 2018 With Innovative Laser Treatments!


Hello Divas!

Happy New Year!

I hope 2018 has started fabulously for you all!  I am working on my New Year Resolutions and they include the usual resolutions: getting fit, eating right, taking care of my skin and travel. LOL!

As I have stated one of my New Year Resolutions include taking better care of my skin.  I am trying to get rid of hyper-pigmentation, adult acne and uneven skin tone.  The below article includes some pretty innovative skin care techniques such as laser treatments to keep your skin looking fabulous.  Check them out!

How Laser Skin Tightening Improves Skin Quality

As you age your skin is exposed to many different influential factors which can change how it looks and feels. Things that go on inside your body, such as natural reductions in the production of hormones, along with external issues like sun and chemical exposure over time can cause sags, wrinkles and other skin issues. One popular skincare method to combat some of those issues is the process of laser skin tightening, the basics of which are outlined below.

How Lasers Perform Skin Tightening Actions

As you may know, lasers are concentrated beams of light. The lasers used in the skincare industry are specially calibrated to be safe to use on the human body. The light used by skincare lasers also produces heat, and that combination triggers certain responses inside the body. One of those responses is to cause skin tightening collagen to contract. As the collagen tightens, the skin will do so as well. Laser procedures can also coerce your body into making more collagen, along with elastin and other materials which are known for strengthening cellular bonds.

What Happens at a Laser Skin Tightening Appointment

Due to the fact that lasers produce a lot of heat it is important for you to arrive at a laser skin tightening appointment without any sunscreen, lotion or other substances which could be cooked by the laser on your skin. In fact, the technician may clean your skin before treating it with a laser. After your skin is free of any potentially dangerous substances the technician will use an anesthetic cream which will not react badly with laser devices to make sure the skin in the area to be treated is numb so you will be comfortable during the procedure.

The laser treatment procedure will require your technician to use short laser bursts coupled with blasts of cooling air to repeatedly treat your skin over a period usually not exceeding an hour or so. Technicians have successfully used cosmetic devices operating with laser technology in that manner for years. You might find that your skin looks red or feeds warm for a few hours after your treatment is over, but that should be the extent of your discomfort.

Making Sure You Can be Treated with Lasers

Not everyone should be treated with skincare lasers. If your sagging skin is already severe then surgery may be a more effective option for you. Lasers are meant for treating mild to moderate skin problems only. Also, you may need to choose a different form of skin treatment if your skin is oily enough for the clinician to deem lasers to be unsafe in your case. Such issues will be reviewed by your clinician during your initial consultation appointment.

How Long it Takes for Laser Treatment to Work

It usually takes between three and six months for the collagen stimulation which comes from laser treatment to fully develop. However, you may see some signs of improvement right away after the first treatment and more gradually as time passes. The exact time period and extent of the results will depend on your individual case. You may also require multiple laser treatments spread at least 21 days apart in order to eventually achieve the best possible results. After approximately six treatments you may find your results have stabilized, but if your skin ever loosens again you may choose to have extra skincare procedures.


Laser skin care treatments seemed like a pretty viable option to quickly and safely correct skin care issues.  Have you ever tried laser skin care treatments?

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