Luxetips Beauty! Awesome Waxing Tips From Celebrity Wax Expert Noemi Grupenmager of Uni K Wax Center

Luxetips Beauty! Awesome Waxing Tips From Celebrity Wax Expert Noemi Grupenmager of Uni K Wax Center

Hello Divas!
I know life can be tough, but you just have to hold on and don’t give up.

Well Summer is coming to a close.  I love Summer and I am sad to see it go…well the little bit of Summer we had.  But Labor Day is right around the corner, and we still have time to wear those bikinis before we kiss Summer good-bye.  
Well to prepare for your last hurrah on the beach, Celebrity Wax Expert, Noemi Grupenmager has some GREAT tips for waxing.  Noemi is the CEO of Uni K Wax Centers and she has created this elastic wax made out of all natural ingredients.  Not only does this wax remove hair from the root for long-lasting hair removal, it also exfoliates and softens leaving skin as smooth as silk.  Now this I have to try!  
I love the below tips because my issue with waxing is that my skin is super sensitive and becomes very agitated with waxing. I bump up pretty quickly and that is not pretty.  
Check out Noemi’s tips!
 1)       Don’t get stuck with bumps or redness – Choose the right type of wax for your skin! One thing that many people don’t know is the difference between hard wax, strip wax and elastic wax, or that elastic wax even exists! Strip wax, which is the most popular wax used, makes for a tedious, slow and painful procedure, often leaving the skin feeling sticky. Hard waxes break and crack, making the wax difficult to remove. But elastic wax stretches to remove hair without strips causing less of a pull to the skin, meaning a more comfortable removal experience ideal for sensitive skin. Elastic wax is applied at body temperature, whereas hard wax, if too hot, can be uncomfortable and sometimes can even burn the skin. Uni K Wax Centers’ elastic wax is made out of all natural ingredients. 
 2)       Labor Day weekend often means drinking alcohol, indulging in caffeine and basking in the sun. Enjoy it all, but be sure to get your wax before these festivities begin. Alcohol and stimulants like caffeine tighten pores making waxing more painful and less effective, and sunburns make skin too sensitive for proper hair removal. Avoid these no-nos 12-24 hours before getting waxed to ensure an effective, more relaxing experience. Instead, hydrate inside and out with water and moisturizers, which will maximize hair removal for a long lasting wax.
 3)       To get more beauty boosting benefits from your wax, look for an all-natural wax that can do more than just remove hair. For example, Uni K’s wax is made with hydrating essential oils, beeswax and a special pine tree resin which nourish and soften skin, and even exfoliate, all while smoothing your skin!
4)       Waxing is one more reason to wear SPF. Using sun protection is always recommended when exposing your skin to the sun and it is especially important during the first 24 hours after waxing in order to avoid redness. Part of Uni K’s procedure when getting a facial wax is to finish the service by applying an SPF of at least 30 for added protection. Ask your waxer for this finishing touch.
5)       There’s an easy trick to having smooth skin for your entire Labor Day getaway. Exfoliate 2-3 days before waxing, and book your service 1-2 days before leaving for your vacation. This will maximize your long lasting results. Because waxing removes the hair below the skin level, your smooth, supple skin can actually last from 3-6 weeks!

Ladies you still have time to prepare for those waxes before this weekend.  Exfoliate today, get your wax on Friday and look fabulous out there on the beach!


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