Luxetips Beauty!: Beyond Extensions Hair Accessory Now Available Online!

Luxetips Beauty!: Beyond Extensions Hair Accessory Now Available Online!

Hello Divas:

When I have a negative thought, I immediately counteract it with a positive thought.  This practice always re-directs my train of thought back to good things.

Divas remembered how I raved about Beyond Extensions Hair Accessory?  It is my new best friend.  Whenever I want to change my look, I simply put the hair piece in and go.  Well Lashonda, the curator of this fabulous product, has now made them available online!  Woot!  And you can find step by step instructions on how to take make the piece custom fit to your head on your own.  No need to go in for a custom fitting.  So Divas all over the world can enjoy this fabulous product!

Check it out!

Beyond Extensions Hair Accessory is a hair accessory that adds volume and length via a one hundred percent human hair piece to your own hair.  The amazing thing about this product is that there is no glue, braids, sewing or hair clips involved.  So no stress on your own hair.  The piece is placed in the head via a custom fit wire and blends beautifully with your own hair, so it looks totally real and not fake.  It is quite amazing. Plus it is very lightweight and you simply lift it out of your hair when you are ready. No pulling and no stress!!  And it only takes 10 minutes tops!  Take a look at the pics:

Me Before the hair extension is added:

Me After the hair extension is added:

More before and after photos of Beyond Hair Extensions’ Clients:

As you can see Beyond Hair Extensions come an array of textures and colors for all types of clients!

Once again, be sure to check out this link which explains how to custom fit the piece to your head once you have it in hand!

Believe me Beyond Hair Extensions is revolutionary.  Instead of spending $400-$500 for a full head of extensions every 3-6 months, that has to be sewn in and puts stress on your own natural hair, you can simply put this piece in and out as you please.  The starting price is $225.00 for a 12 inch piece.  You purchase the piece one time and you are done!  You will save tons of money.



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  1. Awesome hair piece! High quality!!! Very unique!! I want one!

  2. After makeover she is looking picture perfect.

  3. Wow! I would so want to help other ladies get some and for myself too. This is creativity at its best

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