Luxetips Beauty! Chamele Loves Gardenia Passion Eau De Parfum

Luxetips Beauty! Chamele Loves Gardenia Passion Eau De Parfum

Hello Divas!

I am always surprised at the compliments I receive on perfumes. Generally, because I think what appeals to me is not always what appeals to everyone else. Maybe it has something to do with each individual’s olfactory system, perhaps it’s all in the brain where emotion and smell lay in neighboring creases, perhaps it is the essential oils combined with the amounts of testosterone or estrogen pumping through my veins. In any case, I have noticed that there are fragrances that I wear that women compliment me on and fragrances that appear to draw the noses of more men. The latest fragrance that I have become hooked on, Annick Goutal’s Gardenia Passion, received compliments from a female friend.  I am not big on floral scents (I am a girly girl who actually prefers muskier fragrances) but it is not the heavy aromatic floral  that your grandmother wears.  With hints of orange blossom, white bouquet, tuberose, oak moss and jasmine, the result is a fragrance that is just the right amount of floral and just the right amount of musk.  You can find the 3.4 oz Gardenia Passion eau de parfum at for $84.99.

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