Luxetips Beauty! Claro IPL Acne Clearing Device

Luxetips Beauty! Claro IPL Acne Clearing Device
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Recently I was given the opportunity to test out a new product that has an innovative way of fighting acne.  I still battle with acne as an adult and I am always looking for acne fighting solutions. 
Claro IPL Acne Clearing Device is a new medical device that claims to treat and diminish individual acne pimples with strong pulses of light.

The device comes in three colors blue, black and pink.  It also comes with a power cord for charging and eye googles to protect your eyes from the light pulses.

The device is lightweight and easy to use.

In order to use the Claro, you place the round bulb (above) directly on the pimple and then press the large button on the back (below) of the device.  Once you press the button, the device transmits ten flashes of light to the affected pimple.  Wait a few seconds and then apply another treatment.  After that you are done.

It is recommended to wait 8 hours to determine if the people has vanished or you need another treatment.

My experience:  I tested this product for one month and I found it to be non-irriatating to my skin and very easy to use.  Depending on how severe the pimple, I found that sometimes it worked perfectly and sometimes it did not.  It did get rid of some pimples instantly and I was amazed.  However, other pimples needed more than two treatments and I found in these instances it reduced the pimple but did not get rid of it completely.  Another observation was that the product treats one pimple at a time.  So if you have a lot of pimples, using the Claro can be time consuming and tedious.  But if you have a few pimples, it works very well and fast.

Claro does disclaim that this product should be used only for mild to moderate acne and not severe or cystic acne.  Also you should not treat one pimple more than 4 times as this can cause burning or blistering.

Claro IPL Acne device retails for an expensive $195.  It can be purchased at Best Buy.

Would you try this product?  Or have you tried similar products?


Disclaimer:  The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the reviewed product at a reduced price or for free. 


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