Luxetips Beauty! Coachella Inspired Nail Art From Red Carpet Manicure

Luxetips Beauty! Coachella Inspired Nail Art From Red Carpet Manicure

Hello Divas!

At your lowest points, always cling to something to bring you back up.  I look to God.  

Well it looks like I will miss the Coachella festival once again.  And one of my favorite groups of all time, Outkast, is headlining. Waah!  Coachella is just one of those things that I must do in my lifetime.  Next Year!

Coachella is the premier outdoor music festival and the bands this year are INSANE!  However, there is always the fashions to consider.  What will the Divas be wearing?  Well in addition to cut off shorts, tanks, and gorgeous sandals, we Divas need to make sure our hair, make-up, and nails are on point too.  

Red Carpet Manicure has created Coachella-inspired nail art just for the occasion.  I love gorgeous nails and of course Coachella is the perfect event to experiment with something fun/rock and roll glam! 

Check it out!

Coachella Sunset


1.       First, apply one coat of RCM “Clingy” base coat.

2.       Then, polish one-third of the nail, starting at the top with “9 Inch Heels” nail lacquer.

3.       Then, polish the middle third of the nail with “Amour” nail lacquer, slightly overlapping with “9 Inch Heels.”

4.       On the last third, apply “On Screen Kiss” nail lacquer, again with a slight overlap with “Amour.”

5.       Then, cover the entire nail with one coat of “Makeup Time” nail lacquer and add glitter pieces where each shade meets.

6.       Last, apply one coat RCM “Shine On” top coat.

MakeUpTime ShineOnTopCoat OnScreenKiss ClingyBaseCoat 9InchHeels Amour

You can purchase Red Carpet Manicure nail polish at any Ulta.







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