Luxetips Beauty: Do You Want A Man Or Not: 5 Things Men Love About Women That Make A Happy Home

Luxetips Beauty: Do You Want A Man Or Not: 5 Things Men Love About Women That Make A Happy Home

Hello Divas:

Today is Election Day.  Although I am #TeamObama, whoever you support, make sure you make your vote count.

I have been single, married, married with kids and now single with kids.  I have single friends and divorced friends and they know my favorite phrase is “Do you want a man or not?”  And if they do, I tell them “Well this is what you need to do to attract and keep one.”  Now these things are not “the bible”, but from my experience, men like them and it makes for a happy home.  In fact my little luxe son already exhibits these preferences and I just laugh.  He is really a man in the making and men are just men.  It is what it is. LOL.

Always smell delicious.

I am telling you men want you to smell AMAZING all the time. Especially at night in bed.  I love scents and my two favorite scents and the scents I get the most compliments from men are Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and Tom Ford Black Orchid.  Coco Mademoiselle is my signature scent and it is so sexy.  But what I love best about it is that it just lingers and lingers.  I can have a twelve hour work day and it still smells like I just put it on.  It stays on my clothes, coats, car seat, everything. Fabulousity.  Tom Ford’s Black Orchid is very spicy, but seductive.  Definitely a date night parfum.  Plus these scents work with my body chemistry. So find a scent that makes you smell delicious.

Have amazing hair.

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Now this doesn’t mean your hair has to be down your back.  Whether it is long, short, natural or straight, make sure it looks amazing.  Men are fascinated by gorgeous hair.  It is just a fact of life. Keep it tight.

Keep a clean and gorgeous home.

Although men are traditionally pigs and messy, they don’t expect you to be that way.  Keep your house clean and neat.  Use lighting and art to create a vibe in your space.  When he comes home from a long day, he wants to come home to a neat and beautiful space to relax.

Make sure your home smells amazing.

This brings me to my next must.  Make sure your home smells amazing.  I keep a beautiful scented candle burning in my home.  Luxe son loves it.  Hilarity.

Know how to cook a decent meal.

Now some women do not believe this is important, but honey let me tell you, I have male friends and if a woman they are dating can’t cook they will complain and most often than not, she won’t last. Just a fact.  My Mom was from the South and I learned to cook when I was 5 years old.  I was in the kitchen helping my mom bake cakes from scratch and making homemade biscuits.  I am not saying you have to make biscuits from scratch, but darn it, know how to make something other than bag rice.

Be good in bed.

This in my opinion goes without saying, but some women complain about having sex or don’t like sex. Men love sex.  They want sex all the time.  Don’t deny your man sex, be open, and if you are a little lost on how to spice up your sex life, read this post from my girl Milly of Beautylogicblog.  She forever broke down the importance of how Kegel exercises will keep your man on you 24/7. Certifiable.

Now of course these must haves are not fool proof and if you are with an abusive man, a chronic cheater, an emotionally unavailable man, etc., then no matter what you do, he is not the man for you. Leave and never look back.



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  1. Love this post and the title!! Everything you wrote is so TRUE, we must also remember to not get “too comfortable” in our relationships, always keep him on his toes with your array of surprises!!

  2. @Farrah Thanks my friend and I agree with your point also!

    @GlamourGirl Thanks for commenting!

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