Luxetips Beauty! Erno Lazlo: The Hollywood Collection

Luxetips Beauty! Erno Lazlo: The Hollywood Collection

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Erno Lazlo is a brand I love that I don’t discuss much on this blog due to the price point.  When I was a super paid lawyer in NYC, I tried Erno Lazlo products and their Retina-A cream was the only thing that cleared up my bad acne.  My skin was glowing.  And the Sea Mud scrub is to-die-for! Fabulous.

Well Erno Lazlo just released a new collection entitled “The Hollywood Collection” that is glamourous while also creating beautiful skin.  Erno Lazlo is celebrating its 85th birthday and to commemorate this occasion this set pays tribute to some of the brand’s most loyal and first devotees:  Greta Garbo, Ava Garner, Grace Kelly, Katherine Hepburn, and Marilyn Monroe.  This set includes:

The set includes:

1 (0.5 oz) Velvet Night Cream
1 (0.5 oz) Instant Eye Repair
1 (0.5 oz) Refresh Moisture Infusion
1 (0.5 oz) Intense Porcelain Veil
1 (0.5 oz) Morning Beauty Rescue

Erno Lazlo was a renowned Hungarian dermatologists and created the first dermatological skincare line 85 years ago.  He also created the splashing technique and the daily skincare ritual to acheive beautiful healthy skin.  He was also the top choice for celebrities worldwide.



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