Luxetips Beauty: Five Ways to Boost Your Chest and Improve Your Bust

Do you long for a big, bouncy bust? Perhaps you want a soft, smooth décolleté? If so, there are both surgical and non-surgical ways to improve your chest.

Here are five of the breast boob-boosting solutions available:

Breast enlargement surgery

According to The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), breast enlargement surgery is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the UK. Official audit figures show that 10,015 people had their assets enhanced in 2011 and numbers rose by 6.2 per cent from 2010. During a breast augmentation, an implant is usually inserted into a small incision under the breast and the nipple is adjusted accordingly.

Boob job creams

Scared of going under the knife? Well fear not. There are a number of boob job creams on the market which provide a great alternative to surgery. Rodial’s Boob Job, for instance, claims to increase the number of fat cells underneath the skin – taking you up a bra size or two. This innovative product is also believed to tone and firm up the delicate décolleté area and can affectively moisturise your chest.

Decent lingerie

Breast enlargement procedures are available at reputable clinics across the UK, but decent lingerie can also make a difference. The right bra can lift, squeeze and push your assets into the right shape and will help your flaunt a decent cleavage. Wonderbras are renowned for their breast enhancing qualities and water and gel bras can also do the trick – so why not invest in some new underwear? Simply get measured in every store and choose a brand, style and pattern to suit you.

Wear the right clothes

The right clothes will flatter your figure and enhance your shape, so search the rails for something suitable. Pear-shaped women and those with an hourglass silhouette tend to have big breasts and suit V-necked tops. Wraparound dresses are also ideal as are strappy tops and tailored jackets. You could also draw attention to a small waist and a large chest by wearing a well-positioned belt, so give it a go.

Improve your posture

Believe it or not, your posture can affect the size of your boobs. If you slump forwards your chest will look small, but if your stand up straight, your breasts will point outwards – helping them to look bigger. So, if you want to draw attention to your chest, pull your stomach in, push your shoulders back and stand up tall – but don’t overdo it, or you could look a bit strange.

Cosmetic surgery is popular in the UK, but there are other ways to improve your bust.   Disclaimer: Sponsored Post


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