Luxetips Beauty! Grand Californian Resort and Spa: The Mandara treatment

Luxetips Beauty! Grand Californian Resort and Spa: The Mandara treatment

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As I promised, I have to tell you Divas about my experience at the Grand Californian Resort and Spa.  While at Disneyland, I was presented with an wonderful opportunity to experience the Mandara Spa at the Grand Californian Resort.  Of course I jumped at the chance to receive a spa treatment.  I have not had a spa treatment in a while.

I walked over to the Grand Californian Resort from Disneyland Park and once I stepped into the hotel I was amazed at the luxurious decor.  I arrived at the Mandara Spa and it had the same luxurious feel but with a very serene and relaxing atmosphere.

The Mandara Spa offers services that are steeped in the Balinese traditions of healing, spirituality, and relaxation.  The spa boasts services that combine the healing touches of Bali with European methods to offer guests a unique spa experience.

Once I checked in, the attendant escorted me to the changing area.  She handed me a plush robe and ran down the spa amenities.  There was fresh water flavored with fruit and cold green tea.  There are also showers and a sauna for guests use after services.

My robe.

My massage therapist, Florinela, greeted me and escorted me to the massage room.  The lights were perfectly dimmed and soft.  Relaxing music was softly playing in the background.  She told me I would receive a Balinese Massage.  This is a full body massage which is 50 minutes in length.  It combines aromatherapy, acupressure, pressure point and traditional Balinese massage techniques. I knew this was going to be special so I relaxed and let Florinela work her magic.

Before I begin my treatment, Florinela had me choose a scented massage oil.  There were four choices and I chose a tropical flower scent.  When I laid on the massage table it was nicely heated.  Florinela ensured it was not too hot and it was perfect.  She told me to lay face down and she took a bowl of warm water and added essential oils and placed it under my face.  She said that I should inhale deeply to experience aromatherapy while she gave me the massage.  Divas I tell you as soon as I inhaled those wonderful scents, I immediately relaxed.

Massage room.

Florinela first gave me a light body scrub before beginning the massage.  She used a body brush and she said it would gently remove dead skin while also preparing my body for the massage.  She then began to massage my toes to the back of my neck.  She applied pressure where there were terrible knots.  She gently kneaded them until they yielded.  She paid special attention to my shoulders and neck.  I literally work between 12 and 15 hours a day and I am always hunched over a computer.  My shoulders and neck were so thankful for Florinela’s healing touches.

By the time Florinela was done with the massage I was fast asleep.  I so needed that massage! After traveling with two kids solo across country, lugging enormous amounts of luggage and the stresses of my hectic life, it was just what I needed.  While I was there at the spa, I kept thinking every parent deserves to have at least one spa treatment after ensuring their kids have a great time at Disneyland.  Disneyland is amazing but it can wear you out it is so much fun.  All adults need relaxation and peace at the end of a Disneyland day at The Mandara Spa.

The Mandara Spa also offers a variety of facials for women and men; individual and couple massages; body wraps, body polishes and beauty services.  You can schedule a reservation directly from your Disneyland Resort hotel and you should arrive 15 minutes early to change and enjoy the spa amenities.

The Balinese Massage is $135 and worth it!  However, the Mandara Spa at the Grand Californian is currently running a special.  You can receive 3 express services for $129! What a steal! If you are ever at Disneyland or plan to go to Disneyland, The Mandara Spa is a must.

Thank you Disneyland!

Disclaimer: Disneyland Resorts provided this complimentary spa treatment. However, my opinion and experience is 100% mine and honest.

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