Luxetips Beauty! Lancôme Fall 2013: Rich, Dark and Luxurious

Luxetips Beauty! Lancôme Fall 2013: Rich, Dark and Luxurious

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I was checking out new Fall make-up by all of the luxe beauty brands and none caught my attention like Lancôme‘s Fall 2013 Collection.  I desperately want to find something I love at YSL (I mean the gold packaging is sick) Chanel (iconic) or Dior.  I love Dior’s eye cream and lip glosses, but have never found a lip stick that looked great on me.  Of course Tom Ford is EVERYTHING, but I need a separate budget to buy Tom Ford. But Lancôme never disappoints.  The Fall 2013 Collection with its rich dark purples, burgundys, greys, and browns is simply beautiful and the perfect look for fall. Love it!

Check it out!

Vernis in Love in Rouge Reglisse

 Vernis in Love in Eggplant Purple

 Vernis in Love Grey Lumiere

 Blush Subtil for light rosy cheeks.

 The L’ABSOLU ROUGE lip color packaging is just insane. Have you ever? Color: Rouge Caprice

And my favorite with the gold case and Eiffel Tower…Prune Desir..gorgeous purple.

Lip Color retails for $30 and Nail Color retails for $15. Luxe and affordable!


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  1. I only use Lancome. I always buy the makeup kit at Christmas. I don’t celebrate Christmas but I can celebrate Lancome. I love my bedroom eyes. I am single an I pretend to be dating or married. One day I will find Mr. Right with my bedroom eyes.

    Francois Sagat Mecca, Saudi Arabia

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