Luxetips Beauty! Lavanila Forever Fragrance Oil

Luxetips Beauty! Lavanila Forever Fragrance Oil

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I have a new scent I am rocking when I am not wearing my signature scent: Lavanila’s Forever Fragrance Oil in Vanilla Grapefruit. I love the contrast of the citrus with the musk of Vanilla.  However, that is not the best thing about this fragrance.  This scent is a very intense oil and it lasts forever!  All I need to do is dab a bit on my wrists, behind my ears, and décolletage and I smell fantastic through work, picking up luxe kids, and the gym.  Its quite amazing.

Of course, Lavanila is one of my favorite brands because the products are all natural, healthy, and fab.  

These oils come in a variety of Vanilla blends and retail for only $25!  This is a steal because a little goes a long way.

You can purchase Lavanila’s Forever Fragrance Oil here or at any Sephora.


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