Luxetips Beauty: L’Oreal BB Cream

Luxetips Beauty: L’Oreal BB Cream

Sometimes I feel as though I am the last to know about everything. Why didn’t someone tell me? Someone should have put a girl on notice. I was flipping through my September issue of Vogue and I ran across the sample of L’Oreal BB Cream. I have used a number of concealers and highlighters always trying to match one to my summer color or winter color. This BB cream promised to conceal and then some, but I was super hesitant given how light the pigment of the cream. I dabbed a bit under my eyes anyway. MIL said I looked “glamorous.” I could only blame it on all the super shiny pigments in the BB Cream that deflected attention from five months of sleep deprivation. Why had it taken so long for me to catch on? Apparently, a host of everyday brands including Garnier and Maybelline have already or are now introducing BB Cream, giving some higher end products a run for their money. If you are looking for a wider variety of creams,  Smashbox has the most extensive line of BB creams to bat, meeting any and every photo opportunity or red carpet need imaginable, but for a mere $10.95 L’Oreal’s BB Cream  is a steal. You can find it at RiteAid or

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