Luxetips Beauty! Loxa Beauty: Featuring Morgan Taylor Nail Polish

Luxetips Beauty! Loxa Beauty: Featuring Morgan Taylor Nail Polish

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As you Divas know, I love nail polish.  I do the Nails and Cocktails posts when I’m drinking cocktails  🙂 and nail polish posts just to showcase cool nail polish brands I love.  

Well I have a new favorite nail polish I discovered via Loxa Beauty.  Loxa Beauty is a online commerce site that offers consumers all things fab in beauty.  The site separates itself from the rest by offering more than 3,000 top salon products while providing a commission to salons and stylists every time a sale is made.  Fabulous!

The good folks over at Loxa Beauty sent me some nail polish from the site to try.  Now I try a lot of nail polish.  But I truly love Morgan Taylor.  Morgan Taylor nail polish is very rich and goes on super smooth.  It does not streak.  It dries super fast and they have gorgeous colors.  My new favorite color right now is Morgan Taylor’s “Gotta Have Hue.”  Isn’t this just the perfect blue for Summer?

photo 2

Luxe baby loves it too!

photo 1

They also have the most perfect nude, “Birthday Suit.”  I must say it looks good on my skin. 

photo 3

Morgan Taylor Nail polish retails for $8.50. 

Be sure to check out the other products on Loxa Beauty.  


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  1. Very nice colors, I will definitely have to give this brand a try. Thanks for the review.

  2. Hi @farrah You have to! It is really a great product! Take care!

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