Luxetips Beauty! Luxe Hair With Urbanella Natural Hair Care

Luxetips Beauty! Luxe Hair With Urbanella Natural Hair Care

Hello Divas!

Always take time to reflect, pray and regroup.  It helps to put things in perspective so you can make the best decisions.

And speaking of taking time, I have been taking a little hiatus from writing to get my personal life in order.  There have been a lot of changes in my life and I will share all the big news with you lovely Divas soon!

One change that has been occurring is that I have made a commitment to wear my hair in its natural state more often than not.  Although I do not have any chemicals in my hair, I do get it blowed out and pressed… a lot.  But this Summer, I was inspired by my daughter and all the other natural hair care divas to wear my hair in its naturally curly state with no heat.  It has been an adventure!


It was a hard transition, but thank goodness I found the right products to make the transition easier.  Urbanella Brands Hair Care offers products that work amazingly well for women with natural hair and for those of us who want to transition to wearing our natural hair.


Urbanella Brands was founded 10 years ago and the mission of the company has been to help the world go natural!  The founder of Urbanella Brands, Keneesha Hudson, has made it her goal to educate women on how to work with their texturized hair.


As a matter of fact, my first introduction to the brand was a visit to the Urbanella salon to receive a consultation and education session on how to transition to wearing my natural hair.  While at the salon, I also received a “luxe” hair care experience which included, shampoo, deep conditioning and a natural hair care style using all the Urbanbella hair care products.


Isn’t the salon gorgeous??!!!

What I absolutely love about the Urbanella Brands line of hair care products is that they are all natural, super moisturizing and makes natural texturized hair look great!  The products make your hair feel soft while also defining curls. In addition, after using the products, your hair has this amazing shine!  The products that I loved the most was from the line’s Signature Series.  This series features hydrating shampoos, conditioners and moisturizing styling products that create the perfect natural hair cares styles. Check them out below:

Non-Lather Cleanser – this peppermint infused shampoo deeply cleanses your scalp and prevents clogged follicles.  It also gently removes build-up and debris while giving you moisturized hair.  I use this shampoo once a week and it woks wonders.  It leaves my hair soft and super clean.

Non Lather Cleanser - Web Small

Hydrating Conditioner – The Hydrating Conditioner glides through your tangled hair like melted butter, making it easy for you to manage your hair. This has to be the best conditioner I have ever used.  When I use it, I don’t have to worry about a lot of tangled knots and shedding.  I use it on my daughter’s hair and it gets all the tangles out and it also leaves our hair so light, bouncy and smooth.  Love it!

No 4 Hydrating Conditioner Web Small

Hydrating Moisturizing Cream – I use this cream on my hair and daughter’s hair for setting our hair with braids and twists.  It is super moisturizing but also has the right amount of hold to hold curly styles together.

No 23 - Creamy Moisture Web Small

Here are a couple of pictures of our hair using the Urbanella Brands Signature Series:

IMG_8119 IMG_8124 IMG_8202 IMG_8500

Another great line of products by the Urbanella Brand is the Hand Crafted Series that features true wash and go formulas for natural texturized hair.  Urbanbella aims to help all naturals master the Wash-N-Go for their natural hair.  And the Hand Crafted Series does just that!


One of their best sellers to achieve true and beautiful Wash-N-Go hair is the Urbanella No.49 Cre’Gel.  This Urbanbella Botanical Gel Blend gives great curl definition! It is great for wash-n-go styles, fingerstyles, twist sets and many more stylish textured hair-do’s.  You simply wash and condition your hair using the Signature Series hydrating shampoo and conditioner.  Then you use a palm size amount of the Cre’Gel and run it through your hair using your fingertips to lengthen and define curls.  Lastly, you sit under the dryer for about 10-20 minutes and your curls are set and define!  Yeah!  It is so simple and easy and it is a style that will maintain for at least a week.  If you don’t believe me, you must check out this video tutorial. Amazing!

Urbanella Brands has other wonderful hair care products for every type of hair texture, style and lifestyle.  There is the Signature Series Hair Shine Butter to maintain styles and The Handcrafted Series Sunflower Shea Hair Milk that hydrates and creates soft and natural curls.  I have used these products to maintain my natural hair style and just to add moisture or shine.  They smell amazing and do not make your hair hard or sticky.  Im sold!

If you are interested in learning more about Urbanella Brands hair care products, you can visit their website and check out their live tutorials on their Facebook Page and YouTube Channel. Be sure to follow Urbanbella on all social media handles (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) to get updates on when they will be live to answer your natural hair questions.  You can purchase their products online and prices range from $19-$22 per product. I will say that I have been using the products for two months and I still have so much product left.  The wonderful thing about Urbanbella Brands products is that you do not have to use a lot to achieve desired results!

Lastly, if you are looking to transition to wearing your natural hair, I highly recommend you visit the Urbanella salon for a natural hair consultation to help you understand your natural hair and how to best achieve your ultimate natural style.

The salon is located at:

141 W. Wieuca Rd NE
Suite 202A
Atlanta, GA 30342





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