Luxetips Beauty: My Natural Hair Care Journey: Coconut Oil and Green Smoothies

Luxetips Beauty: My Natural Hair Care Journey: Coconut Oil and Green Smoothies

Hello Divas:

So Valentine’s Day is this week and me and the luxe kids are thrilled. Valentine’s Day = lots of chocolates and love.

Anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with my hair.  When I take care of my hair, it is gorgeous.  When I don’t, it looks a mess and I end up having to get it cut and starting from scratch.

In honor of my hair, I have decided to do a weekly post on my hair’s progress since I started a new regime.  My hair is natural, but I mostly wear it straight.  I guess out of habit from having a perm for seventeen years.

Well about a month ago, I had to get a trim because I had not been taking care of my hair like I should. So my stylist, B, calls it a trim, I call it a cut.  Hee Hee.  I decided right then, I was going to go back to my old regime of massaging my scalp for 5 minutes with coconut oil every night and giving my self a deep condition with coconut oil before I go to my weekly salon appointment.  My girl Milly of Beautylogicblog, hipped me to the miraculous benefits of coconut oil for the hair about 3 years ago.  It works.  Plus I am not using any heat and I am sleeping on a silk scarf.  I have been doing this for the past month and well take a look for yourself.

My hair week 1 after the deep trim (really cut) LOL.

Week 2..already you see the crazy shine and it is getting some length and fullness.
Week 3. More length, beautiful shine, and body.

Week 4. Gorgeous. 2 inches of length, crazy body, and glowing hair. 
Side by side comparison from Week one to Week four.  Do you see the difference?  Crazy.
Also, my girl Milly, swears by the below green smoothie recipe.  I had been looking for a great green smoothie recipe (with proven results) for the past 5 months and my girl Milly came through.  She claims this green smoothie is what grows her hair super fast.  She said after drinking this once a day for two weeks, you will see a big difference in your hair, skin, and nails.  And Milly’s hair is gorgeous.  It is to her waist and before she started a regime of coconut oil and feeding her body good greens, her hair would not grow past her shoulder.  Amazing.  I have yet to go to the farmer’s market to pick up the items, but this recipe coupled with the coconut oil should have me at my hair length goal in record time.  Can’t wait. 

one apple
one banana
7 strawberries
20-30 blueberries
4 leaves of Kale
6 leaves of Chard
4 leaves of Spinach
one scoop of Garden of Life Raw Protein Powder
one scoop of Sambazon Acai Powder
8 oz. of Harmful Harvest Coconut Water
Check back in with me next week to see how my hair is doing.  

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  1. Your hair looks amazing. I have slacked off with my hair care too and I am so mad at myself. My hair is dry & shedding more than normal. I started back on my coconut oil regimen over the weekend. I think I’ll try the smoothie next.

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