Luxetips Beauty! Nails and Cocktails™ Ciate´ London Shell Manicure

Luxetips Beauty! Nails and Cocktails™ Ciate´ London Shell Manicure

Hello Divas!

Humility is one of God’s greatest gifts.

Funky nails are here to stay and  Ciate´ London Shell Manicure has created the perfect DIY nail kit to achieve Summer Beach nails.  

The  Ciate´ London Shell Manicure kit is a simple and easy process to create a shell (and I mean real sea shells) manicure.

The company sent me a fuchsia, purple, and neutral off white color to test.  I chose the off white because I love neutrals!

photo 2

I simply painted on the nail color and immediately after painting the color on one nail, I poured the crushed treated sea shells on each nail.  I then took my finger and pressed the sea shells on to each nail to ensure they stuck.  I then sealed it with a top coat and I was done. 

photo 3photo 4


The kit also comes with a cool little funnel so you can easily put the unused sea shells back into the bottle after using.

photo 1

After completing the same process with each nail, it takes about 15 minutes for the nails to dry and just like that you have a cool and funky sea shell nails.

photo 5

This look is perfect for the lazy Summer days at the beach or if you want to just try something different.  I painted each nail, but next time, I will just use this creative nail option on one nail as an accent. Love!

You can purchase Ciate´ London Shell Manicure kits at any Sephora.  They retail for $25.00.





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