Luxetips Beauty! New Protective Hairstyle Via Stylist Sophia Johnson, Owner of So Kai Salon

Luxetips Beauty! New Protective Hairstyle Via Stylist Sophia Johnson,  Owner of So Kai Salon

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I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. “Maya Angelou”  


If you have following my social media feeds and this site, you have probably noticed by now that I have a new hairstyle.  

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 2.20.40 PMIMG_1801


As I was preparing for my trip to Greece, I kept wondering how I was going to maintain my hair considering it is all natural and I was going to be swimming in the ocean, hiking and away from any salons.  I seriously needed wash and go hair. 


Jamaican-born Sophia Johnson, owner and master stylist of my salon, SoKai Salon, suggested I get a protective hairstyle also known as a full sew-in weave or full extensions.  Yep!  I went all in.

The process was pretty simple and painless.  Sophia instructed me to purchase quality virgin hair for my style.  I went to Virgin Remy virgin hair shop in downtown Atlanta to purchased the hair.  It was an experience.  There were so many types of hair to choose from: bone straight, wavy, curly and in different lengths ranging from 12-24 inches.

I chose a curly hair pattern and was told by Sophia and the folks at Virgin Remy that this style will maintain its curl pattern and all I had to do was wash it with conditioner….simple wash and go hair. Score!

I was super excited about getting my “new hair.”  First my hair was washed, conditioned, and blow-dryed.  Next, Sophia corn-rowed all of my hair with a side part.  I didn’t have any of my hair left out with this style.  I wanted all of my own hair totally protected from any sand, salt and heat with this style.

The next step included Sophia sewing the tracks onto the braids completely covering all of my braided hair with the hair.  After this was done, Sophia wet the hair with water added mouse and I was ready to go.  

IMG_1685 IMG_1684

The entire process took 3 hours.  However, Sophia and her assistants were so efficient, the time flew.

Sophia also gave me great tips for maintaing my new hairstyle and also tips to protect my own hair underneath from damage and shedding.  She told me to:

-Keep the hair moisturized with conditioner or mousse;

-Never to pull the hair severely back into a bun or ponytail.  This pulling could cause damage to my edges; 

-Always wash and condition the hair and be sure to allow the conditioner to soak into my own hair. 

I have been following these tips to a tee!  I can tell my hair is growing underneath at a super fast rate, plus my edges are still healthy and intact. LOL!

I get so many wonderful compliments on my new hair.  People tell me it is flawless and it looks so natural.  

And it was the perfect hairstyle for my 9 day trip to Greece.  It was no stress at all.  Plus it always looked amazing whether I was in the sea or hiking mountains. Fabulous!


Sophia is a protective hairstyle expert.  She ensures the hair is properly installed, looks natural and will not let you leave her chair until you understand how to properly care for the hair.  

I am on month 2 of my 3 month commitment to this hair.  I love it so much!  I keep telling myself not to get addicted.  But now I know why there is such an obsession with extensions.

Sophia charges $300 to install extensions.  Hair has to be purchased separately.  It is worth the price.  Because I have this hairstyle, I do not have to go to the salon every 1-2 weeks to get my natural hair done.  I am actually saving money while giving my own hair a break from heat and the elements. 

To schedule a consultation or appointment to get extensions, the salon’s contact info is as follows:

So Kai Salon

559 Flat Shoals Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

(404) 586-0737

It is located in the heart of East Atlanta Village!






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27 Responses to “Luxetips Beauty! New Protective Hairstyle Via Stylist Sophia Johnson, Owner of So Kai Salon”

  1. You look great! I’ve never tried hair extensions before. I have pretty long hair already. I think this is a great article for anyone thinking about it, though.

  2. I have a friend who tried hair extensions, and she had a terrible result. I’ll have to send this to her in case she wants to try again. Thanks!

    • Please do! She will be well taken care of. A good stylist is always key to good and healthy extensions. 🙂

  3. You look fantastic! Thanks for sharing your experience and these tips. I’ve heard that if you don’t treat your extensions right they can fall out and actually damage your hair.

  4. Your new hair looks beautiful! The minimal upkeep sounds ideal for a long trip like the one you took. I never would have thought extensions could be a travel solution!

  5. Your hair looks great. What a wonderful trip to Greece. You got to do a lot of fun stuff.

  6. I would love to sit for 3 hours while people worked on my hair. Lol they did a great job too!

  7. I hadn’t thought of hair as a travel prep, but it totally makes sense. You’re going to have these pictures and these memories forever. You look so fabulous, and knowing that it was low-maintenance makes it perfect.

  8. You are adorable and I love the hair!!! I have always toyed with the idea of getting extension or something fun but have never gone through with it. Maybe I will someday soon. 🙂

  9. I have really been thinking of getting some extensions while my short haircut grows out at a snails pace. I like the idea of a natural flowy look like yours!

  10. After seeing some horrible extensions before, I have to say that yours look amazing. You look great!

  11. I have never had extensions before. I will for sure let others that are thinking about them know about your post! You look great!

  12. It sounds like you were in good hands there, the whole time. You look amazing!

  13. Thank you for sharing! Looks like you had a great time in Greece – although you probably enjoyed yourself a bit more because of the hair!

  14. Oh how I miss getting my hair worked on. It looks lovely on you, very pretty. I’ve never had extentions before but would love to some day!

  15. You hair looks great. Looks like you had fun in Greece.

  16. You look absolutely gorgeous! I never do anything with my hair and need to …. seriously. I see others who get various things done with their hair and I want to start pampering myself in that way!

  17. Robin (Masshole Mommy) July 12, 2015 at 2:20 am

    Your hair looks gorgeous! They did a fantastic job. I would head back there next time I needed a style for sure!

  18. I have always wanted to visit Greece, my HS BFF was Greek and on the first day of school we’d stake out a table in the lunchroom and she would spread out her pictures and I would enjoy getting a photo tour of the Island from a local’s perspective! 🙂

  19. I am all for protective styles! A sew-in is great especially if you are gonna get your hair wet…I currently have crochet braids in my hair (cant get these wet).

  20. Well your hair looks amazing! In every picture it looks great! Looks like you had a blast in Greece!

  21. Your hair looks great! I love switching up my style often!

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