Luxetips Beauty! New Shu Uemura Ambush Collection: Luxe and Bold!

Luxetips Beauty! New Shu Uemura Ambush Collection: Luxe and Bold!

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Shu Uemura is the gold standard in Japanese Beauty and is especially known for their award winning make-up brushes and outstanding cleansing oils.

However, they are also known for their gorgeous make-up.

Recently, Shu Uemura released their new collection, The Ambush Collection, which is a collaboration between Shu Uemura and AMBUSH a Tokyo-based jewelry brand launched by jewelry designer Yoon and DJ Verbal. The innovative POP ART inspired designs captured a distinct Tokyo aesthetic.  The result of this collar is bold colors and fabulous art inspired packaging. So fab and luxe!

One of my favorite products in this collection are the eye foil liquid eyeshadows.  These innovative eyeshadows come with a special applicator for a smooth finish.  Because the color is so intense, you only need to use a little bit of the product to achieve amazing color. The result is shimmering intense color that lasts all day long.

The collection also comes with matte and sheer lipsticks.  I especially love the Ambush Love, a red matte lipstick.  The color is intense and the lip texture is smooth but still with a matte finish.

The star is of this collection is the ultimate8 sublime beauty cleansing oil.  This oil is AHMAZING!  I must admit, I have never tried a cleansing oil as I have very oily skin and was concerned it would be too much for my skin.  However, this oil is perfect for my skin.  It easily removes all traces of make-up and effectively cleanses your skin and adds moisture.  I wake-up every morning with the smoothest skin possible.  My skin is not oily and I look refreshed.

I adore the Ambush Collection. There is something for everyone and if you want to make a bold statement, this collection is for you.

Prices in the collection range from $20 to $91 for the ultimate oil.




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