Luxetips Beauty! Probelle Nail Hardener for Luxe Nails

Luxetips Beauty! Probelle Nail Hardener for Luxe Nails

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Probelle product[1]

Since I had to stop drinking milk, (waah!), my nails have gotten a wee bit weaker.  They will grow, but will always break at a certain point.  Or they are sometimes weak and soft…not hard and lustrous as they used to be.  So I was thrilled when Probelle nail polish gave me the opportunity to test their much talked about nail hardener.  

Probelle is the innovative, restorative base nail polish that uses a two-step system to cure, grow and repair nails to a healthier state. The Touch N’ Grow original formula cures and strengthens nails while the Touch N’ Grow Plus maintains healthy nails. The Touch N’ Grow Plus incorporates garlic and lime which have been proven to prevent nails from discoloration and bacteria growth caused by prolonged nail polish wear. 

These products do work and live up to the hype.  Your nails will look and feel stronger.  Plus the original Touch N’ Grow formula is an excellent base coat for manicures.  I love two in one products: nail strengthener and base coat in one. Love!

The Touch N’ Grow and Touch N’ Grow Plus formulas both retail for $14 and can be purchased here.




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