Luxetips Beauty: Sabon Soaps from Paris

Luxetips Beauty: Sabon Soaps from Paris

Hello Divas!

Live life like no one is watching.

Luxe baby loves fancy soaps so I had to get her a bar of soap while traveling. Sabon soaps are from Paris but can be found and purchased in New York and Tokyo.

The soaps are all natural and this one is scented with wild berries. But what really got me was the heart shape and the ladies were also cutting out heart shaped soaps on the spot. Luxe baby loves hearts. She believes in love.

Love it!

Sabon also carries body washes, scrubs, lotions, etc.


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  1. soo cute! wish I could have picked that up while I was there!

  2. @Alisha Ashley Next time you go, you have to visit the store. Fabulous.

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